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January 6th     Hollandtwine

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    2hrs

Steve, Sulo.

Took chain ladder to 25' climbing shaft for permanent rigging and went to top of climbing shaft to access bang damage, not much change.

January 27th Saturday    OFDII  through trip

Those appearing in decending importance of reportance.
Vic (WOP) Holland, Lawrence Revill, Dave Nelson, John Nelson, Tokyo Paul, Alan Steans, Steve Watson, Mick Durdy.

OFDII Amatuer thro trip  Bottom to Top.

At about 12-30 hrs (being pissed time is immaterial) the amateurs entered the sewer pipe entrance of OFDII led by Icarus along with others from foreign clubs based in Buxton.

Proceeded at an inhibited rate along the crawls due to lack of confidence on behalf of Tokyo Paul.

At the beginnings of the stream passage a certain Mick Durdy decided he did not like the looks of the climb and he had me (see above) proceed back up the passage for a considerable distance to find an alternative route. Eventually after a delay of about ½ hour the stream passage was entered to the delight of all concerned.

Alan Steans lacking a wet suit was using incredible CONTORtions to keep him out of the water.

LUKE GRISWOLD. Place of importance unknown also character had little bearing on the story. However despite his efforts he descended into water at least a foot above his head.

After a delicate climb from the stream passage time was waisted in trying to catch Icarus (who was going like a bat out of OFDII) but eventually the party regained contact and despite John being exhausted the party emerge at about 19.00 hrs.

Narrated by V Holand
Written by Dave Gough



February 3rd Saturday     Giants

Watson beer supply trip.

Those rich cavers present,
L. Revill, Aileen Cassily complete with Chegs wetsuit, Sulo Sulonen, Steve Watson, Mick Durdy, Dave Bythe, Trevor.

At 16.30 the cave was entered led by Aileen and speedy progress was made to the top of Garlands Pot which was laddered by the party supervised by Aileen, The pitch was descended quickly because of being laddered in the water.

Trevor however turned back at this point "pissed off".

The party proceeded along the crab walk until the climb to the upper series was reached were Aileen was lifelined to conserve her for future use. The upper series crawls were entered much to Aileen dismay. After a short time descended back to the crab walk and then back to the entrance without mishap.

Yet another of Lawrence's Masterpieces

February 4th Sunday    Peak Cavern

At 11.30 a party of 7 left for BSA Hostel at Castleton to collect a guide to the wonderlands of Peak Cavern. Alas we were late and the guide being a cripple at the time this went to press the trip was called off. A later date is to be fixed for a trip provided we arrive early and do not pick a crippled guide.

February 10th     Hollandtwine

Paul, Rat, Dave, Steve.

Dug at bottom of shaft c.140 buckets.

February 11th     Thistle Pot 

Mick, Paul, Rat, Dave, Steve.     Digging.

February 18th Saturday/Sunday    Sledging

As the weather tended to favour more adventurous winter sports and as the would be active cavers of Pegasus were otherwise disposed on Mendips, The Pegasus 5-man bob sleigh team (DAVE + JOHN + JANET NELSON, Tokyo Paul, Al Steans [anchor, Brake man]) took Edale by storm by taking the original Pegasus juggernaut upon the Ski - slopes. A slalem was attempted, using sledgers, skiers, spectators, boulders and other Hazards indescriminately as markers. A 3 hour session was enough to convince all and sundry on the slope that Pegasus team was undoubtably to most ski hit, adventurous and lunatic, (not to mention dangerous) team in the vicinity, none were to take up the gauntlet comtemptuously thrown down.

Written and composed by Al Steans

February 18th     Peakdale Quarry

Novices abseiling trip.

Vic, Alan, Laurence, T.B. Paul.


Al Steans

ps  two trips, same date, one in snow. Was there no snow at Peakdale or is the date in the log wrong?


March 10th     Thistle Pot

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    3½hrs

Spud, Mick, Dave, Andrew.

Much digging in the side chamber,A bedding plane can be seen and loose stuff rattles away down various holes.

March 11th     Thistle Pot

Spud, Mick, Dave, Andrew, Tony, Paul, Sulo, Al Steans, Laurence, Ratarse.

Broke through into c.60' of rift passage with fine flowstone & an undescended 20' pitch. About 60' of passage found. Doubtful about further progress.

J Rat

March 11th evening     Knotlow

Inexperienced caver (climbing type) drowns in Knotlow, he was not a member of PEGASUS.

NB No Pegasus representative present on call out to incident.

Al Steans


March 18th     Carlswark Cavern     Novices trip

A.Steans, C.Barnaby, P.Ansell, P.Dooley.

Discovered way into new series (not before time) and explored through to final sump. 3hr trip wetsuit recommended for future trip.

March 18th        Thistle Pot Dig

Alan, Chuck, Lawrence, P.Dooley.

Enlarged entrance to first rift in order to make mysterious 20 ft pitch more accessible to lesser, if somewhat fatter mortals than J.Rat.

Al Steans

March 24th     Slitherstones Mine & Thistle Pot

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book        2½hrs

Mick Durdy, Andrew etc.
After a brief look down the blocked c40' climbing shaft of Slithersones Mine we carried on digging in Thistle. Andrew & I were almost anililated by a large collapse of rock and gravel from the side of the chamber After regaining our senses with a fag we did a bit more digging then went for several nerve calming pints.

March 24th Saturday     DCRO AGM

Several members of the club ventured to attend DCRO AGM at the Midland Hotel, Peak Dale. Quite a lengthy AGM with some food for thought.

Followed by piss up paid for by DCRO. A good night.

Dave Gough

March 25th     Thistle Pot

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    2½hrs

Mick, Andy, Steve etc.

More digging and a few more minor collapses. Eventually re-opened squeeze and I went in for a quick look.


March 31st Saturday     Pegasus AGM 

Three Stags. Somewhat eventful, the oligarchy rules for yet another year corruption.

April 1st  Sunday

General clean up in tackle store.

Al Steans

April 7th     Holandtwine Mine

D.Bylthe, W.Ricketts, R.Townsend.

April 7th     Nettle Pot

T. Jarratt, V.Holland, A.Broadbent, M.Durdy.

Arrived at Nettle Pot 12.15 approx and the members of the party proceeded to wander in the four directions of the compass looking for a suitable shitting spot (BIG PITCHES?). Having mustered four somewhat lighter bodies at the entrance once more and each given the detailed description as to the technique used and viscoscity and particular colour of their excretion we decided to go to the pub. That would have been the end of the saga but A Rat had slighly been dropping lengths of ladder down the first pitch. Holland volunteered to descend (presumably because he was cold) to the sentry box, from there thread the tackle through the narrows and then descend to the bottom. J Rat ups next to disappear closely followed by Andrew. Having lowered the rest of the gear down I also proceeded down said hole not because I wanted to I was getting cold apart from that it was too far to walk to the pub.


Mick Durdy

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    6hrs

Good trip to bottom of Beza shaft. At one point I nearly fell down Elizabeth Shaft, at another I nearly fell down Crumble Pitch!!! Interesting and technically sporting pot.

April 13th, 14th & 15th     Working Weekend

Those present  Mick Dirty, Sulo, Thompson, Dave Lucas, John & Janet, Terry & Barbara, Eileen, Jenny, The wop, Dave & Julie, John, Gordon.

Those working  Paul Herrod (Tokyo), Zeak, Alan, Rat-Arse.

By 6.30 pm Saturday Thompson the phantom shitter had dug a 6 x 6 x 6 hole in antisipation of being caught short the same night. M. Durdy complete with caving gear dug the soil away from the foundations of the hut to provide space for a tackle store.

Alas someone removed evidence of Andrews honking session and also giving the whole of the hut a good clean. Now its time to go to the Stags to get some more beer for more exercise tomorrow.

As the person who wrote this detailed explanation of Saturday's work is in no fit state to explain Sunday's action I will , for the sake of completion, try and remember what happened.

As I remember Paul disappeared into the hills around the area. This was considered as reasonable for the amount of work done by the person in question the previous day.

The work done by Mick on Saturday produced a mound of soil 5' high x 6' wide x 10' long. By coincidence this was exactly the right shape for levelling off the back of the hut. So with use of a barrow, buckets and used toggy's it was moved. The hut was again cleaned thoroughly.

April 20th-23rd     Easter weekend

The annual pilgrimage to South Wales. Numerous trips into Aggy. The grand circle reopened by the rat, etc While the real heroes R.A Sulo & JRat dived through Porth Yr Ogof braving the Giant Monsters and other perils of the great depths to emerge from the resurgence to cheers and acclamation of the seething masses who had waited for hours for the great event.

Sulo Sulonen


April 29th

Practice rescue Oxlow from bottom of the west chamber. Very well organised and successful let's have a real victim next time with physical injuries and not just a severe cranial disorder.

The club is awarded the "Croix de Verviers"  (A kind of cake!)


April 29th Sunday     Mock Rescue     Oxlow Mine

Those present. Dave Gough, Alan Harrison, Dave Blythe, John Nelson, John Smith (shag) Dave Allsop DCRO, Laurence Revill, Sulo Sulonen, Pete (RA) Webb, Zeake, Paul Thompson, Mick Durdy, Vic (Wop) Holland, John Gough, Tokyo Paul Herrod Victim.

At 08.15 hrs the hopes of an early start to the practice rescue seemed to be dashed with bodies suffering from Saturday Evening drinking strewn all over the hut floor. With the assistance of noise and other disturbing contributions everyone was soon roused from their pits, their intention though seemed to be anything rather than to start getting ready for the short trip to Oxlow.

By 09.30 hrs some of the team had arrived at the entrance shaft and under the guiding eye of Alan H had begun to tackle the first pitch. With Saturday Evening drinking session still fresh on the heads and stomachs in some cases progress was slow but by opening time (12.00hrs) most of us were gathered in East Chamber at a point were the rescue was to start from.

Alan H delivered a few comments on the general team attitude and then Dave Allsop took over a gave a short talk on rescue techniques.

After Dave A's talk Alan split the team up giving each group instructions on which part of the system they were to rig in readyness for the removal of the victim from the cave.

The victim PH was strapped into the stretcher and taken up the 3rd pitch by DG, AH, DB, JN, JS with DA guiding & LR lifelining.

At the second pitch the stretcher was passed onto SS, PW and Zeake with assistance from DG with LR lifelining from the bottom of the pitch..

At the bottom of the 1st pitch the victim was transferred from the stretcher to parachute harness and then brought up by PT, VH & MD with JG lifelining from the bottom of the pitch.

Lets hope that the team leaders comments are added to this to make a comprehensive report.

Dave Gough

Due to the club becoming more influenced by the alchohol served at the Stags the number of trips being undertaken by the club has slowly decreased, thus one will notice the lack of meet reports being written in this manuscript because one cannot write good reports on armchair caving and reports of alchoholic inebriation seem to follow the same regular course and would become a bore to any would be reader of this manuscript.

P.S.    If the above is not true please show comments by writing a report about the next trip you do whether it be a follow up to the Berger or just a grope down some small unknown cave they all make interesting reading and it does show signs of activity.

May 6th     Giants

After great revelries at the Stags on Saturday night an early start was made on yet another Watson beer-money trip. A swift trip to the canals was made where Steve, Al & Chuck swam about playfully. True to form Barnaby the Giants junc got tangled up in the diving line to great amusement of the spectators ie. M.Dirty, Dave Blyth, T.Paul and newcomer Reg Simpson. A speedy return was made by Steve and Al through the upper series, thus eliminating the need for Al's broad chest to go through the vice.

Meanwhile back at camp, Sulo and Andrew attempted Dr Jacksons not only to be thwarted by an excess of shit at the duck.

Al Steans

The trip into Giants playground was specifically for the juvenile section of the club, they have to be kept amused! Meanwhile the handsome debonair Andrew and the suave Interlektual Sulo did some real caving to maintain the integrity of the Pig arses Club. Their heroism shall not pass unoticed, The gods always smile kindly on those who succeed in their efforts.




For a man(?) of your merit you are mentioned Far too much, even once would be superfluous (9/10)

May 12th of Never  Saturday     Birksfell Cave, Buckden Yorkshire

Sulo, Mick, Steve, Florence, Zeake, Tokyio, Dave, Reg, Alan, Chas.

After changing into our superb first class caving gear we set out for the entrance arriving in various states of exhaustion.

Because of the number of novices / unfit members on the trip it was decided to do about a 3hr inward trip and then start back to the surface. So with a strict control on the time factor we set off. We had soon passed the place were Paul T and Alan E turned back on the last trip, one suffering from cold, the other being knackered through wearing a ¼" wet suit.

On to the 1st pitch which we laddered (hard?) On past the shooting box aven and the 2nd aven, on until we could no longer see a way on somewhere around the 2nd wet bedding cave. Here some of us wanted to go back others wanted to go on.

Those who went on got to the pitches and decided to turn round and go back. They were beaten out of the cave by the other by about 15 minutes.

Alltogether a sporting trip of about 6 hrs.

Dave Gough

N.B.    Due to this being an excellent cave with a great range of passages, this cave must be booked for next year.


May 13th Sunday     Green laneing

Dave, Lawrence & Julie left the camp and headed for Horton in Ribblesdale. Heading from Buckden towards Hawes we turned down an old roman road in antisipation of finding a new Land Rover road. After about 3 miles of good road we set off across the moors on a sporting track. Towards the end the track crosses a river (ford) Alas I drove down the river bed and claim fame as being the only Land Rover driver in Pegasus to be Rescued by RAF Mountain Rescue Vehicle.

Dave Gough

The Pegasus Strikes Again


Dave Gough stuck in the river near Ribblehead. Rescued by RAF Mountain Rescue,  1st for them.

May 19th - 20th     Drinking

Saturday 19th May was one of those days. After arising at the usual hour of 10.30am the decision was taken for a daring trip into the inner reaches of the Midland Hotel Caverns with Thompson leading the intrepid explorers. The welcome was tumultuous and the original plan of 1 pint was cunningly thwarted by the landlord and extended to several hours during which time the landlady made it quite clear that we could have the up-stairs room anytime there was enough people to justify her employing more staff. Zeake was hopping around like a pregnant chicken with his new toy - a Polaroid instant camera.

When the Caverns were closed, RA, Steve & myself (see below) trundled more rock down Peak Dale Quarries than a quarryman could do in a lifetime. Tokyo was getting people to take photos of him in a multitude of contortions while Thompson, Zeake, Dave Blythe etc. investigated a small (UNDERGROUND) hole in the cliff face.

Mick Dirty had already given up life and, unknown to the others, had retired to his death-bed back at the hut with Flo or Flu or someone like that.

The rest of the 'motley crew' headed for Buxton, Thompson and RA to Ians and the rest for a look round.

L Revill

N.B.    During the period of liquid refreshment at the Three Stags Tokyo was ordered to drink up and get out for singing clean songs.

June 10th Sunday     P8

(a small cave near to Peak Forest for those readers ignorant of its location)

Those present  Dave, John, Janet, Don, Zeake, Richard.

This was a novice trip for two ambitious adventurers. The team gathered outside the entrance and in spite of things like "The pub is open" and "I hear its rather wet in there" we descended towards the wet pitch.

A rather uneventful trip down the pitch as nobody managed to fall off but we were still hopeful thinking of the return. Arriving at the second pitch we were disappointed to find an iron ladder awaiting, thus no finger trapping.

Travel was quick down to the sump in spite of a borrowed lamp packing up (nice one Sulo). From there a visit to the upstream sump was called for and a return to the second pitch via the crawl. Apart from borrowed belt giving way in the tight section (nice one Sulo) nobody got really stuck.

A quick exit was made and looking back a good trip.

Jan requested a true feeling of novice cavers (ie without wet-suit) I don't think that request will be made again on future occasions.




June 17th     Hoveringhams Quarry Cave

D Blthe, P.Herrod, M.Durdey.

Arrived at Quarry 11.45 to find mess'rs Whitehouse and Woodall about to descend. G. Cooper and hells teeth Westlake were already underground. In their possession they had a quantity of chemical explosive. We changed and followed W & W down and were proceeding along entrance crawl when someone mentioned bang which was shortly followed by a dull rumble (Cooper's Stomach). On reaching the duo Paul was ordered to hold the flashgun by Lord Snowdon - sorry C.W. while he took a shot of Mick and G Cooper. After the OK from C.W. the three Pegasus members carried onto the dig.


However after only a few feet farther on after leaving G.C. and C.W. we encounted a thick swirling mass of dense fog caused by the 'bang'. After several reassurances from C.W. Mick led the way on. The stink was terrific and the visibility nil. Using the charge wire as a lifeline we crawled on past the blasted area and on to the dig. The dig was reached by a tight flat out stretch of passage so tight even the smog could not get through and we were allowed to dig in a more healthy atmosphere.. The dig was tight and difficult and Mick made little progress after an hour, about 4 ft. Paul took over and shifted a spade-full and then backed out of the 20 ft tight passage with much difficulty. Dave didn't bother at all. All-in-all a shitty trip. On the way out shot holes were noticed in the roof of the main passage where daylight could be seen. This cave is to be quarried away very shortly.

Compiled by Mick Durdy & Paul Herrod


July 1st Sunday        Hay Making ?!

At no considerable personal expence and inconvenience I, accompanied by my family, ventured into the limestone region of Derbyshire with the intention of venturing into the netherworld of little explored systems. Alas this foolhardy trip was to be thwarted unmercifully by the collection of alcoholics, junkies, pyscho's etc, better known as the Pegasus (Caving?) Club.


As if it were normal caving practice, I was informed by the above mentioned homo sapiens that it was hay making time for the jolly old local farmer (and they say rural people are thick!) What they didn't mention was that it was also break up the jeep weekend and mend the jolly local farmer's track weekend.

What have I let myself in for?

Pay your subs, my lovely and find out!!!!!

Suggest you piss off back to werever you came and let the people who are interested in the club get on with its activities wether they are speleological or domestic.

PS    The above was meant as a joke (hay making)

PPS    Why should I include such a 'sick' article from the log book. Well it was there for all to see at the time of writing and I should not act as judge and jury as to which one goes in and which one is left out. Writing this up nearly 40 years later and I still have a feeling of disgust about the article, whether it was a joke or not.

I do not know who the author was.





August 4th     Swidons

Swildons round trip - blue pencil passage MD etc (as listed by MD)

Novices sump diving trip and how to bale duck in 3 easy lessons. Demonstrated by Wesex Members. How not to go through squeeze demonstrated by Zeke.

August 5th     Longwood August

Round trip, see above, 'nuff said.

August 11th     Bull Pot of the Witches

One of Yorkshire most strenuous, deepest, longest, blah, blah, blah, etc trips. Expertly led in typical Pegasus fashion by some foreign idiot (Finnish?). True keen Pegasus members ie Sulo, APS, Tokyo, Vic + AN Other managed to bottom this epic cave. Other Plebian types pissed off unable to keep up the pace.


August 12th     Sunset Hole

Tokyo, APS, Steve 'n' Eric (YORK)

After the previous days exertions only two members of Pegasus had the energy or possibly stupidity to go caving again.


Novices Abseiling + Prussicking trip. Expert climbing by APS made a visit to the black-listed new extension possible, good formation and worth another visit.

August 19th     Hardrawkin Pot

APS, Steve 'n' Eric

August 26th - 27th  


Details to follow.

PS    If Durdy can write shit so can I.

Al Steans

August '73'

Went to France/Spain & got pissed at great expense (oh yeah, also went caving down a couple of little 'oles that draught strongly and would "go" with a bit of luck)

ARJ     see    (Page 9. 151 to 157.jpeg for further details)

September 29th 1973    Eldon Hole
DCRO No 79

Fall Eldon Hole
During the morning a party of the Pegasus Caving Club of Nottingham went up to the hole to abseil down the 120' pitch from the sloping ledge. The subject (Sulo Sulonen) was first to descend (without a lime), and he slipped and fell down fifeteen feet onto the ledge unconscious, he remained there for several seconds without moving, but then, before anybody could reach him, he rolled off the ledge and fell to the foot of the pitch.

The alarm was raised and subsequently team C with elements of teams J and A set about recovering the body after Dr. Kidd had descended and pronounced the subject dead. The recovery was executed with some difficulty, and the body was removed to Buxton.

11th October     Funeral of Sulo Sulonen

Travelled up from Bristol with Mr. Nigel, Cross Bob, Bishop, Mac, Baz, Ken James and others.  The  well dressed assembly congregated for the planting of Sulo at the little church  in Peak Forest, superb P.U. in the Dev afterwards; once the bar closed the seventy or so took the party to the Stags, and afterwards back at the Hut.

12th October 

The morning mood was a little sombre, which swiftly evaporated as the pub crawl around Buxton took off. Hard core of two dozen plus, staggering about the town. Late afternoon several went for a walk to pace the pints. Returning from Castleton RA, Mac, Bazza, and Pat observed a car, caravan, and Elsan toilet tent, pitched for the night in a field above Winnats; plans formed and more pints flowed in the Dev, then a clandestine return to the Winnats settlement. Whilst hiding behind the wall, preparing to steal the prizes namely, 1 x Elsan and 1 x Elsan tent, the well pissed raiders heard the male occupants begin singing "The Red Flag"? Undercover of the din the attack began, however during manoeuvring the goods over the wall the caravan door suddenly opened bathing the area in light followed with a high pitched scream " Eeeee somebody's stealing our bog".... tossing both elsan and tent back over the wall, laughing hysterically, the group ran off in different directions disappearing into the now freezing darkness. Back at the car the hysterics lasted back to the Hut. Many more pints, Sulo stories and frolics around the stove: only minor injuries received by Andrew and Zeek.

13th October


All late arising, various heaving bodies, some dead, just about making the Dev; resurrection followed with pints and the suggestion of a  trip down P8. Water very high so all enjoyed a wet cold trip, many in destroyed dry grots found in the tackle store, along with dodgy lamps. All exited, what a surprize! To the Lover's Leap for welcome hot food and gallons of tea; raced back to the hut to assemble and on to the Stags where the funeral party began again. Superb time.

14th October


Most suffering from crippled livers, some members and guests missing, possibly lost en-route from the Stags when meandering convoy sped off down various lanes from the law. Found they'd caught Italian Tony from the Eldon when left the road and hit the wall. Only minor bruises, no other casualties. Good byes made, left for Bristol midday, to recover.

Pat Cronin

November ?? (log not dated)     Water Icicle

Party  Pat.C., Mick.D., Paul Thompson, Young Steve, Alan Harrison.

With rain pissing down and a howling gale we made our way to yon shaft after looking at the rope Mick still decided to abseil.

Once down Steve went with Pat who wanted to have a look around and later joined the trio at the dig. 2 ft of passage gained. Meandered off to the surface.

Then went to the cafe at Newhaven and downed many pints of tea. And then a quiet evening at the Quiet Woman. Yawn.

Pat Cronin

December 1st

Personell: Mick, Paul, Mac, Aileen, Marylyn, John & Jan etal.

Decided for a change to visit the Rising Sun for an adventurous lunchtime out of daylight. Tackle required; Many drinking vouchers, slop bucket, arse-hole scraper, crutch cleaners & much else. This difficult trip was estimated to last from approx 12.00am --- 3.00pm. However the good time was marred by a prior engagement for, R/A, Thomo + Aileen when they did a quick visit to the famous show cave at Bakewell known as the "Royal Oak". Such awkward sections in this surface cavern known also as "Old Tom Barley Wine Push" prevented the "Gleesome threesome" surfacing until 1.30 in no less than Buxton High Street. A fossil collecting  exped was organised + many persons attended the dig at the "Buxton Local Constabulary Head Office; We eventually left with many valuable pieces of  clatch, two helmets and a PC's home made rupture repair kit. (These are now extinct and rumour has it that ration books will be issued for future tourist trips) From there the sexual seven assaulted the coffee shop, OK the waitresses then to G Coopers where we espied the aforementioned get aboard the lovely 7 Eileen, who was wearing a pair of Land Rover mudguards and a second hand goat's arsehole. Food, wine, women and mad mad song, finished this stupid, wasteful, lazy, expensive and completely idiotic day when no one had the faintest intentions of going anywhere unless ale had been included in the previous arrangement. It's honestly about time some of us lazy c**tstruck f**kpigs got underground and did something constructive down Hollandtwine, like climbing shaft, stempled platform, banging the 80', surveying and much else. Ah well I'm only an occasional day tripper, but a bit of arm bending is necessary , so to boot we shall go beneath surface next year, sometime. (Whope!)




December 29th     Polnagree

Vic, Mick D, Pat, Jim Shannon, Pat Redmond (climber)

Very fine wet trip and an excellent cave. Of special interest are the fine wet aven which drop into the streamway. Another fine Christmas.

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