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February ??     Mongo Gill

Icarus, Martin, Al Steans
Through trip including every wrong turn possible. Alans lamp didn't go out.


February ??     Hunt Pot

Martin, John A, Ian Savile (Chelsea)
Spectacular pitch to nothing.


February ??     Magnetometer

Martin, John, Alan S., Russell, Ian Saville (Chelsea)
This was a Chelsea meet, but the rest of their team spent so long doing Ireby they weren't interested. Interesting cave, rather more crawling than some people expected. Gave up when we got lost in an endless sharp crawl below last pitch.

or was it March!?
Chelsea permit trip so we took a representative member, Ian.
From what little I remember, we had an absolute cracking Saturday night and consequently weren't feeling too wonderful for the trip (Sunday)
Parked the car at the farmers and had to pay (12½p) for the privilege.

Magnetometer is very lateral in development, which certainly struck me as odd:- 'cos I don't like crawling everywhere.
On the way out met a party from Craven P.C. who queried our "raisons d'etve" Answered all questions "We're from the Chelsea!! But it was a wasted effort - they were pirating the trip.

NB Craven had Penyghent booked, but their tackle master hadn't turned up with the ladder


March ??     Swinsto

Martin, Dave Epton, John A
Pleasantly damp


March ??     Roaring Hole

Martin, Dave Epton, John A
Morcambe Pier choke very wet, so came out.


March 20th     P8

Russell, John Addison, Martin, Dave Epton, Bob (Mendip) McNair
Absolutely plastered Addison led inebriate Epton & friends on sobering trip. Partial success claimed.


April 9th-11th Easter     In S.Wales

Possibly the biggest Pegasus turnout for many years!
Team of Martin, John A, Al Steans & Icarus went and did figure of 8 in Aggie with hangovers, silly idea.
Al Steans went running.
Most people got drunk.
Icarus, Al Steans, John A, Martin, Dave Epton & Russell went down Little Neath to clean wetsuits.
Most people went to the pub again, and again and then came home.
Can't remember what caves other people went down.
Rumour has it there were 20 Pegasus members at Llangattock base camp, although it was difficult to be sure in the crowds.
Most people haven't been caving since, sensible.


May 2nd     Giants Hole

Russell, Dave Epton, John Addison, Martin
Attempted a left-hand wall trip to amuse John
Water at East canal very low. Able to wade over and climb bottom of filthy five. Some body's diving line is adrift.
On the way out at the duck Russell realised he'd lost his glasses. We returned back to East Canal minutely searching every pool etc. Luckily the water was very low. Dave found them!!

We were to come out via Upper Series and after a long diversion up the North rift reached poached Egg Passage. Showed john the "offending 'ole" (connection) and persuaded him his life was not complete until he'd been down it through the ducks. He obliged, albeit with much swearing, bumping and farting. 4 hours

I think the Biro ran out at this point untill a new one was bought by the Club for Christmas

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