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The Pegasus Annual Reunion 2016

The annual reunion of the Pegasus Club Nottingham was held at the usual venue "The Horse and Groom" pub in Basford, Nottingham on October 15th 2016.

It is traditionally held on the Saturday afternoon of the Nottingham Robin Hood Beer Festival which is held at Nottingham Castle.

Many members in the past who supped  at the beer festival on the Friday and never spilled a drop didn't always make it in one piece to the Saturday bash!

This year the turn out was really good. Either the beer was less potent or the stamina of the drinkers is much enhanced.

It was nice to see that Jenny Lucas and Pat Adlington were able to come and were very much welcomed. Jenny Dakin represented Bob Dakin who is now unable to participate. Ruth came to represent Dave Gough who was at another unavoidable meeting.

It was great to see Gren Blatherwick looking so well even though we know he cannot remember much about us.

To me the sign of true friendship is the ability to meet up after long periods apart and see the banter flow like it was just yesterday. It did flow.

In many cases the friendships have lasted 50 years (5 decades or even half a century!!!) .

A long time anyway. 

Barbara Wright

(apologies to anyone I forgot to include in the photographs)


Those Present


Barbara & Terry Wright, Melvin Batchford, Barry & Ceily Sudell, Malc Debbage, Dave Epton, Dave Walker, Paul & Judith Thompson, Mick Edwards, Tony Marshall, Alan & Sue Harrison, Margaret Widdowson, Grenville Bendigo Blatherwick, Bob & Maggie Proctor, Aileen & Cheg Chester, Kathryn, Finley & Josh Bingham, Chris Gooday, Jenny, Jonathon & Anna Lucas, Jenny Dakin, Mick & Sue Cast, Pat Adlington, Ruth King, Sue & John Steel.

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