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April 12th      Priddy

C. Wildgoose. (Meet Leader) A. Eaves. T. Widdowson. J. Dempster. A. Harrison.

A very enjoyable trip was made to Priddy Somerset, at Easter. We camped as usual at Mineries Pool. We made three trips:- Longwood,Swallet Swildons and Cuthbert's. Longwood was wetter than we anticipated and we all got throughly soaked on the main chamber pitch which we abseiled. Swildons was tackled on the Saturday in rainy weather but it was'nt too bad, and a good trip was made to Sump 1, some photo's being taken in Barnes Loop. Sunday was Womens day wiyh a visit to Cheddar- just like Blackpool on August Bank holiday. Monday lam sure was enjoyed by all with a very interesting trip in St Cuthbert's with the leadership of John.Cornwall of The Bristol Exploration Club. A large quantity of photo's were taken And we are now waiting to see how these have come out.

C. Wildgoose.


April 20th      Birchin's Edge

J. Dempster (Meet Leader), A. Marshal, T. Wright, M. Batchford, G. Tyas, L. Potter, C. Barron, A. Harrison, J. Musson.

The weather the whole of the weekend was terrible, it rained all day Saturday and nothing was done until the Sunday morning when a few hours climbing on the edge was achieved, before a very heavy downpour, caused a hasty retreat down to the Rohin Hood Inn. Not a very good weekend.



May 12th      Nettle Pot (Derbys)

The idea of the trip down Nettle Pot was to ladder the 180ft. Elizabeth Shaft, which starts from Elizabeth Chamber 200ft; down, as the majority of the club had not done that particular pitch, and as it was free hanging, provided a good training jaunt if nothing else.

It started off quite well, with some of our members, who had gone up friday night, setting off to ladder up on Saturday afternoon, they successfully tackled up Elizabeth Chamber, also made a roaring success of dropping 125ft; of ladder down 30ft of shaft, which was supposed to he the 180ft pitch of Elizabeth, anyhow nothing daunted, three of us (Jack Dempster, Derek Tipping and myself) reladdered the correct pitch, with the right amount of ladder, and left all set for a good session on Sunday morning ( early).


The rest of Saturday, and part of Sunday by some, was spent in a convivial evening at the Devonshire Arms with Orpheus Club who were to join us on the morrow in an epic descent of Nettle, their talented musicians and choir added much to the enjoyment of the evening.


Sunday morning dawned fairly bright for some, and decidedly black for others, some were suffering from bar room exposure and others looking for a broody hen to nestle under, this cut the intended party by about half, but the arrival of Pete Nicholson & Bob Dakin direct from Nottingham made the party visible.


By some stroke of luck the Pegasus Club arrived at the hole first (the Orpheus obviously having similar difficulties) so I set off down to Elizabeth Chamber followed by J.Dempster, A.Harrison, M.Batchford, B.Dakin, P.Thompson from Peak District Historical miners Association, all but one of which eventually bottomed the cave before ascent, were followed immediately by the Orpheus members who had by that time arrived on the scene.


At the bottom of Elizabeth shaft I had a look round whilst waiting for Jack to descend, and found that what l had previously known as a dig had been pushed and was now a shaft of a reasonable size, as soon as Jack arrived we started to investigate more thoroughly, and found that it was about 60ft deep.


By now Paul was down, so we laddered up with the spare tackle that had been lowered, obtained a lifeline from the Elizabeth Chamber by much shouting and raving, and Jack and myself went down, we found ourselves in a rift, with a strong sound of water coming from somewhere.


After digging for about ½hr. we found that we could climb over our dig which we did, and found another shaft of about 20ft; which by re-rigging the tackle we got Jack down, inside was the water we could hear, plus a fast flowing canal, as I could'nt get down the hole, owing to its dimensions, and also that it was a Goon-suit job, we decided to postpone further investigation until a further meet.


Getting Jack up through the small hole was, a champagne cork job, he emerged with a satisfactory POP, most of the rest managed to get through also, credit due to them. At this point we started to go out, I climbed the 180ft; and went almost straight out, owing to failing light, as the batteries had been down the previous day.


I was closely followed by Jack, who emerged battered and triumpant, reported that he had had a spot of bother, it was obvious, as he stood minus one overhall leg, which he had apparantly amputated hanging from the ladder 100ft; up Elizabeth Shaft (decided to make the trip difficult).

The rest of the party gradually detackled and regained the surface, organised mainly by Melvin and Mick Dakin, it was 8pm before all were returned to the hut. B.B.B.

It was Melvin who was unfortunate enough not to get to the bottom, he got somehow stuck with a marathon life-lining job on the Elizabeth pitch, which in itself was a far more strenuous task than actually climbing the pitch, a very unselfish effort and I offer thanks on behalf of the blokes who got down. It had turned out to be a very interesting meet, in many ways.



May 25th      Winster

J. Dempster (meet leader), P. Watkinson, G. Tyas, L. Potter, R. Marshall, D. Tipping, C. Barron, J. Tipping.

This was a some what split meet, being that some camped at Dugwood Farm, while others stayed at the Historical Miners Assn cottage, and a few came up Sunday morning.

The Druid's Inn must have had great financial gains on the Saturday night, for much ale flowed, helped by the singing and the meals of hot pie and peas.

On the Sunday there were some climbing done on the neighbouring rocks, and afterwards a few went swimming in the quarry pool at Brassington.

The weather was fine Sunday, being a little to hot for bad heads.



May 31st      Buttermere

J. Dempster (meet leader), P. Watkinson, G. Tyas, L. Potter, D. Tipping, C. Wildgoose, A. aves, C. Barron, G. Balatherwick.

The majority travelled to Buttermere on the friday evening, arriving in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Colin and alan however suffered a broken spring on their car and were some what delayed.


Pete, Tip, Geff, and Gren did Great Gable on the Saturday in glorious weather, that carried on over the whole Whitsun.
They came back with a 'touch of sunburn's' in places made obvious by the ice cold water of the lake.

Sunday was spent on the rocks, some fine climbing was accomplished Harrow Wall with its 'nearly throw you off balance' ytaverse, a few first ascents and Oxford and Cambridge climb, with a V.S move half-way up, and at least a pitch of 125 ft, you know we really must get a climbing guide for this area, it may be more exciting to climb the unknown, but some last pitches could be 130 ft.

Monday was day of return of some for some, and a leisurely day was spent by all, small walks, swimming, su worshipping was the order.

In all a very enjoyable meet.



June 26th      Burbage Edge

J. Dempster (meet leader), C. Wildgoose, A. Eaves, A. Marshall, P. Watkinson, D. Tipping, L. Potter, C. Barron, J. Tipping, G. Balatherwick.

All camped by the stream on the left of the path running parallel with the edge.

Most of the climbing was done in the quarry, in which the guide lists nine climbs, although we tackle more.

There is plenty of scope for 'pegging' in the two quarry on the edge, lack of pegs prevented us attempting any such climbs, but all would have like the chance.

It was found extremely difficult to distinguish the climbs in the guide, all agreed that the drawings were not very good. Here is a chance with someone handy with a pencil.

Quite a well supported and interesting meet.



July 13th      Gaping Gill

P. Watkinson (meet leader)
No report


July 20th      Crowdecote

J. Dempster (meet leader), T. Widdowson, C. Barron, G. Blatherwick.


With just two club members present I would be safe in saying that it was a very poor turnout, infact the worst I know of any club.

Being weak in numbers, there was little done, but the weekend was saved from being a complete waste of time, by spending the evening with the 'Orpheus club' at the 'Pack Horse Inn', there was the usual 'orpheus' sing song and a good time was had by all.

Talks of digs, holes and the Berger peppered the evening between songs, and it was mentioned that we should, use the ground outside their club hut, for camping next time we are around that way.

August 3rd      Wales

P. Watkinson (meet leader)
No report


August 17th      Oxlow Mine

P. Watkinson (meet leader)
No report


September 9th      Froggat Edge

A. Marshall (meet leader)
No report


September 21st      Giants Hole

D. Brindley (meet leader)
No report


July 13th      Edale

T. Wright (meet leader)
No record of whether meet took place


October 19th      Bull Pot (Yorks)

D. Brindley (meet leader), J. Dempster, C. Wildgoose, P. Thompson, A. Harrison, P. Watkinson, R. Dakin, A. Eaves,         D. Tipping, T. Tempest, J. Moore.

This was originally my meet down Easegill Caverns, but there being some friction between the landowner and the likes of us.

Bull Pot was chosen as an alternative, and Dave Brindley knowing the pot agreed to take the role of meet leader.

The arrangements were that Colin, Alan Eaves and myself were to call at the hut friday night to collect the ladder and life lines, and then carry on up to Yorkshire, the plan being to go down the pot early Saturday morning, but things in general did not quite go to plan.


On the way up to the hut, a rear suspension spring broke on Colin car, which produced a teeth shattering saw mill type sound on left hand bends as the wheel ground into the wheel arch.


We pulled into the Devonshire Arms car park (Peak Forest) this being the limit of endurance for both car and occupants. Several unsuccessful attempts were made by telephone to contact P.Watkinson in order to let him know of the situation.


Leaving the car in the car park to spare it the rough passage of Slack Lane, we walked up to the hut, and it was approx 2am Saturday morning when we climbed into our sleeping bags.


Early Saturday morning Colin ran his car into Buxton for a new spring to be fitted, While Alan and myself sorted out the ladder and lines, we set off from the hut at 12 noon, arriving at the camp site approx 4pm.


By this time tracks had been worn between the tents by the pacing of frustrated tackless cavers.


Colin Alan and myself attempted to tackle up the pot in the evening, but it proved difficult to find in the dark, so we settled for an early start Sunday morning.


The pot is a series of ladder pitches running in unison with a similar series of waterfalls, which naturally makes things a little damp, my exposure suit proved almost useless in keeping out the water, but highly successful in keeping it in.


Perhaps a more suitable antire for this pot would be swimming trunks, lamp and helmet with the battery selotaped to the chest. Everything went smoothly, all were out for 2pm.


As a round off for this very eventful weekend and most certainly an expensive one for Colin, he had the misforture to have his windscreen shattered by a flying stone on the A1 returning home.


A good camp site was found by a bridge and stream, approx 3 miles along the Braida Garth road out of Ingleton.


In all a very well supported, interesting eventful meet to say the least.


J. Dempster



November 2nd      Stanage Edge

B. Cheverst (meet leader)

No meet took place


November 16th      Wales

D. Brindley (meet leader)
No record of meet


December 7th      Annual Dinner Dance

Fish Pond, Matlock Bath

A very successful social event


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