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The Membership of the Pegasus Club, Nottingham.

1952 - 2023

According to legend, everywhere that Pegasus the winged horse struck with its hoof inspiration burst forth. He galloped over land and sea and his energy and curiosity knew no bounds.
When the founder members in 1950’s unanimously decided to name their newly formed club after the famous winged horse they did so, as club rumour has it, after seeing a logo on a cigarette packet!
Thus the new Pegasus myth began with the creation of a walking and mountaineering club that like the Pegasus of legend had energy and curiosity in abundance and a general feeling of optimism.

The 1950’s was a decade of tremendous change. It was a period of increased affluence after WW2 and a new era was emerging where women and men like our founder members could look forward to climbing and caving experiences that had previously been in the realms of a few. That is not to say it was easy. It is worth remembering that a trip to Derbyshire or anywhere else in Britain often assumed the status of an expedition, as transport, equipment and accommodation had to be considered using only public transport. The early club members were really leading the way when they organised their first club holiday in Austria and Italy.

A new era was emerging in the mid 1960’s when the Pegasus Club underwent a Renaissance with an influx of very keen and driven climbing and caving enthusiasts of no mean talent. These members formed a very solid and safe platform from which to branch out and as their “escapades” became known this in turn attracted more people of like mind in years to follow. Some of the 1960’s crowd are still extremely active while others maintain a special social interest still.

As caving gear was bulky and shared by the members, the Pegasus acquired a workmen’s hut in Peak Forest in Derbyshire in which to store it and rented a cottage in Dudwood Lane near Matlock. This meant that there was always somewhere to stay cheaply and eliminated the need to do a trip all in one day. The liberty to stay out for a whole weekend was also a draw to visiting clubs and new members. Many new friendships were forged at the Peak Forest hut which have endured to this day. The hut is no more. Dudwood Cottage is a mansion!


During its 70 odd year journey the Pegasus Club has had many associate members from Britain and abroad. 
Inevitably a few have died but are remembered fondly.

We feel that there must be a section acknowledging associates who are people and characters who caved, climbed and mountaineered with the club and were often on the scene but never actually joined. They have added much to the ethos of the Pegasus Club.

Following is a list of people who are known to have been members of the Pegasus Club, Nottingham indicated in Yellow.

Founder members are indicated in Orange 
Current members are indicated in Green.

Benefactor Members are indicated by (BM). ( Persons who have donated towards the website finances up till 2026 ).
Deceased members are indicated in Red.

Associate Members are indicated in Blue.


If you were an associate or member who does not appear on this list, your name can be added by contacting the Webmaster. See "Contacts" for details.

For a more detailed list, members & associates (past & present) may log in here.

Founder Members        Current Members        Benefactor Members        Past Members        Deceased Members        Associates

Addison John

Adlington Pat (BM)

Allan Peter *

Allen Ken

Allen Rita

Amey Daniel *

Antcliffe Anc

August Les

Bacon J

Barnaby Charles

Bartlett Nathan (BM)

Batchford Melvin

Beardsley Steve

Beighton Colin Dr. *

Beckinsale Richard *

Bennett Tony

Bishop Martin  *

Blanchard Larry

Blatherwick Grenville *

Bolger Terry *

Box Richard

Boycott Tony

Bratt Melvin

Brooks Dave

Brown Peter

Briggs Dave

Briggs Phillip

Brindley Dave *

Bulmer M

Burns Nigel (BM)

Butterworth Martin

Carlisle ?

Casserly Aileen

Cast Mick *

Cast Patrica *

Chamberlain Andrew

Chadwick Janet

Cherverst Bill *

Chester Gerald *

Chester Stuart (BM)

Cobbett James (BM)

Coles Chris (BM)

Coles G

Colley R

Collett Phil

Cooper G W *

Cooper John *

Cooper June

Compton D

Craven Bernard

Craven Sylvia

Cronin Patrick (BM)

Cross John

Cross Robert

Curphey Ian

Curphey Mary

Dakin Bob *

Dakin Jenny

Day Roger (BM)

Debbage Malcolm (BM)

Dempster Jack *

Dempster Michael

Dobson J

Dooley Angie

Dooley Colin

Dove Mike

Duck Mike *

Durdey Michael

Eady Kelvin (BM)

Eaves Alan *

Eckford Pete

Edwards Mick

Epton David (BM) 

Farmer Mike *

Fell John Jnr.

Fisk John

Fitzgerald Anne *

Ford Phillip

Forster Pete

Foster Paul *

Fowler Gary

Garrad Sam (BM)

Garrat John *

Garton Paul

Gary Clark

Gilbert Tim *

Gill Dave

Gooday Chris

Gough David (BM)

Gough John

Gough Richard

Haggerty Jeanie

Hall Roger (BM)

Halliday Simon *

Hampshire Jill

Harrison Alan *

Hastilow Dig

Harvey Chris

Hayes John

Hazzeldine Pat

Herrod Paul

Hind Darren

Holland Bob

Holland Victor (BM)

Hollis Lee (BM)

Howes Simon

Hoyles Jenny

Huntington Anthony C

Hurt Laurence

Jackson Terry

James Ken

Jarratt Tony *

Jeanmaire Liz

Jeanmaire Mike *
Jones John

Kidd Hugh Dr *

Kidd Robert
Krause Mark

Lemaire Etienne *

Lewis Terry

Logan Bari (BM)

Lomax Alister

Lowe Stuart

Lucas Dave *

Lucas Dave

Luigi Montimini *

Lumley Mark

Manson John

Mares Henry *

Marshall Tony

McGuiness Bill

McGrath Connor

McGrath Paul (BM)


McManus Marilyn

McManus Stuart

Mee Simon

Milner Steve

Muir Dave *

Mullane Cathal

Musson Johnny

Myers Catherine

Nash Kieth

Nelson John

Nelson Dave

Nicholson Peter (BM)

Nixon Dave

Nuthall Phil

Oates William

O'Connor Sean

Ollenshaw J

Page Steven

Parker Barrie

Passmore Phil

Patrick Ian

Perkins Anthony

Place Nicholas

Pritchett Mick

Pope Steven

Potter Linda

Proctor Bob *

Proctor Maggie

Randall Matt

Ranson Nigel *

Reavill Julie *

Reavill Paul

Redfern Simon

Revill Laurence

Reynolds Jim *

Richards Paul (BM)

Roberts Bruce

Roberts Ros

Roberts Trev

Rogers Roy

Rosentals J

Russell Ray *

Savage J

Scothon Malcolm (BM)

Sheldon Steve

Skipper Sue

Smart James

Smeeton Edna

Smeeton Ernie

Smith Aaron (BM)

Smith Caroline

Smith John *

Smith J

Smith M

Smith Pete *

Smith Russell *

Smith Wayne

Stables Derek

Standbridge Belinda

Staples Mark

Steans Alan (BM)

Steele Alan

Stokoe Desmond

Sudell Barry (BM)

Sudell Ceily

Sulonen Sulo *

Sutton Andrew

Sutton Nita

Taylor Janet

Taylor Jenny

Thompson Judith

Thompson Paul

Tipping Derek *

Titley Hugh

Toole Mike

Tyas Geoff

Walchester Andy (BM)

Walker Dave (BM)

Waltham Tony

Warny Jim

Watkinson Pete *

Watson Dean

Watson Steven

Watts Phil

Webb Peter

Weston C

Wheatley Terry *  

Wheeldon Paul (BM)

Whitehouse Bill

Widdowson Margaret

Widdowson Terry *

Wicks Alan

Wildgoose Colin *

Wilkins Michael

Williams Frank *

Wills Kay (BM)

Wilton B

Workman Geoff

Wright Barbara (BM)

Wright Ian *

Wright G

Wright Jim

Wright Terry (BM)

Zachewicz Elzbieta (BM)

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