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Caving Logs 1963 Onwards

Like what they were written



In 1997 the Pegasus Caving Club published 'Club Log' '83 to '94 written up by Roger Hall. As well as the logs, which had been taken from the Club's fourth logbook, were some general caving articles.


Cheekily I passed a further three log books to Roger in the anticipation that they would all be typed up. Nothing came of this as Roger's interest in the club waned. Eventually I had the log books once more but nothing further happened.


The spark that set me on the road was Cheg asking if there was any information re an Ireland trip in 1976. I started typing up the report and have gradually completed the logs for the years 1963 to 2005. 


I have relied heavily on Tony Jarratt's log books to fill in some of the blanks up to 1980 and to add to exploration being undertaken in Hollandtwine Mine, Thistle Pot and Duce Hole. (Tony's complete log books are on line at


The photographs that appear in some of the logs for 1963 to 2005 were not part of the original log books but have been added to give a better presentation. They are mainly from David Gough's collection.


Enjoy the read, I will let you decide if the typos were original or mine.


David Gough  March 2012.

Logs for 2006 onwards are from various sources.

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