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February 24th     P8

Cross, Muir and 1 bod from PDMHS

Bloody freezing. Missed pub.

March 5th     Aggy Aggy

Dave Gill, Al Steans, Gobmike

Dan Y O too wet, OFD too wet, Neath River too wet etc. So Aggy trip with New Univ as host. An enthralling trip, Inner Circle by glow worm light and a few other bits and pieces by even less light, out of Ogof G with no lights.

March 6th     Porth Y Ogof and New Inn

Thrown out of boozer at 13.55!!

March 23rd     Llygad Llwchwr

D. Gill

A rising somewhere in S.Wales. Everyone else at the dinner so I went to Wales. A very interesting hole worth repeating at Easter with a larger party for Ogof Carreg Cennen. A grotty little hole under a castle, used to be a dungeon.

March 24th     Aggy

D. Gill

To the Cliffs of Dover. Bridge Inn after.

April 14th (Easter)     Llygad Llwchwr  (Source of Lougher nr Trapp) 2½hrs

Batspiss, R Cross, Fish and Mrs Fish, Dave Gill, John the wall and mate.

Excellent trip down this S.Wales rising. River chambers, stream passages and dry s inspired by a super several Backley’s keg session in Cennen Arms.

April 15th     Aggy Grand Circle  6hrs 40m

J. Rat, J. Price (Chelsea),R. Websail (Wessex) T. Hughes (BEC)

Usual round trip fleeing from surface sunshine.

April 15th     Aggy Swiss Passage


Wind Tunnel Deep Water 5hrs

Dave Gill + two youths.

Having lined two youth underground, I contrived to extinguish all the lights and come out with a faint glow and two sore arses.

April 16th    Aggy Inner Circle   4hrs

Poisoned Dwarf (EPC) Dave Gill, Lugger (NCC) and another NCC

Very good trip, marathon style, didn’t get lost and light didn’t pack up.

April 16th     Aggy Cliffs of Dover  2½hrs

Loads of people some of whom succeeded in looking at the most amazing fissures in the first boulder choke.

Friday.         Old Ham –New Dunn

Durdy, D. Muir, Terry and Babara Wright

Grot searching trip

April 29th     Duce Hole  ½hr

Tombstone, Dave Muir, J Rat

Intention of digging was thwarted by usual problem and also lack of equipment (The latter also indirectly caused by the usual problem)

Had a look at the shitty upstream and the resident rats (!) then I went to the Bulls Head for more of the usual problem.

May 5th     Duce Hole  1hr

J Rat

Potted about for an hour, scrapping gravel from lower railway track. Found an old ‘mineral water’ bottle.



May 6th     Duce Hole  1hr 50min

Icarus, Teapot, Poisoned Dwarf, Grotty Gill, J Rat
Initial problems with dig sumping up were solved and about 30 tubs of gravel removed. Bad air curtailed digging.

May 12th     P8

Bob Cross, Ian Caldwell, Tim Weston

Apre’s Bulls Head trip at breakneck speed to sump and out. Very wet. Silly fixed handline just inside entrance removed to upset wegies! (Watch next Descent for irate Boy Scout letter)

May 19th     Birks Fell  5hr

Stump Cross

V Good trip  !?!?!?

August 11th

Jeny + Richard, Cheg + Aileen

Stopped off at the hut after a strenuous visit to the Miners at Brassington. Didn’t go caving due to the state of Richard’s wetsuit, good excuse.

August 11th     OFDI  5hrs

Dave Gill + 3 Doncaster Rover scouts

Change of new leadership states but no one at farm so either irrelevant. Rather slow trip to top entrance via Maypole. Dismal route finding by leader in OFDI. Also dismal scene in Gwynn Arms.

August 25th     Lancaster

Vic, Martin

Through trip

August 26th     Disappointment – Gaping Gill

Vic, Martin, Russell, Al Steans

Bar Pot through trip (7hrs??)


August 27th     Simpsons Master Cave

Vic, Martin, Russell

Through trip to Valley Entrance. One rope no snags, quick trip.
NB. Very good bolts in Simpsons for SRT descents.

September 8th     Swildons

Richard, Jenny, R. Cross, Mac, Bishop

Trip to Tratman’s Temple to talk  about farting and sample the delights of varicose arseholes.

September 16th     Giants Hole

Al Harrison, Richard, Cheg, Stuart, Alistair (C**t) (Apprentices)

Down Crab Walk to Geology (didn’t descend due to lack of tethers). Looked at Coopers extension or rather the rope dangling across the top of Geology (to find this rope climb up passage between pool and Geology and into muddy crawl to top of pitch) Back through upper series. Belay at top of Garlands covered in human excreta.

October4th*     Ogof Hesp Alyn and Poachers Cave

Dave Gill, Al Steans, Vic, Trevor, Dave Gough, Dave Epton & Dickinson

Large well attended ordinary trip with a quick trip due to a party in Nottingham on Saturday night.

Ogof Hesp Alyn. A remarkable place which floods throughout with some tricky climbs plus an 80ft pitch. A collectors pull with excitement mud.

Poacher’s Cave which now has a complicated Welsh name was done by Vic, Dave’s Gill, Gough and Epton in a quick 1½ trip. In the my place outer very awkward lock, nice stream passage and great chamber.

November 3rd*     GB Swildons, Tynnings Barrow

D Muir, Mick Durdey, Jeanmaire, D. Gill, Thompson, Trevor, Dickie, Gobmike, Steve Watson and bird, Al Steans, Adrian varkle, Bob Proctor and wife, Mac, Bishop, Bob Cross, Batstone

Plus several SS pubs in Wells + Nancue Farm. A very good alcoholic weekend with some people doing two trips on Saturday with the Hunters in between.

A lot of trips on Saturday + a training meet in Tynnings Barrow with Bob Proctor and Dave Gill. A pushing dig down Manor Easting 54½hrs by LS and BEC, keen types.

November 4th*     Shatter Cave

Al Steans, Gobmike, Trevor, Dickie, Dave Gill

After a drunken Nov 3rd trip to Shatter Cave in Fairy Cave quarry, unbelievable formations. Out in time for Hunters (13.30)


* October 4th, November 3rd & 4th entries are a brave attempt By Dave Gough to decipher  Icarus's Writing. So see below for a scan of the log book so you can make your own assumptions.

December 8th     Cwn Dwr, OFDII, OFDI

Dave Gill, Vic, Al Steans, LS, Gobmike, Trevor
Excellent trip marred by coordination difficulties before ever descending into the bowels of the earth. Between 08.00 and 11.00 there was a grand tour of all the transport cafes of s.Wales. Eventually everyone met up at Penwyllt. Too late and too wet for Dan yr Ogof. The BEC success team where down in any case. The other snag was that LS felt that the smithy area was like Duce Hole. Good straight forward trip apart from the leaders light packing up and the entrance to OFDI being jammed. No one felt like braving the stream passage again and at last the power of prayer was amazingly demonstrated. A super severe walk back to Penwyllt. Superb ale sampling after at the Old Ford and various premises in Crickhowell.

December 9th     Aggy

Up at the amazingly early time at 7.15 all in the interest of a long Sunday lunchtime booze. The usual good walk up the vicinity of Turkey pool, Panic then set in leading to a headlong flight out. Established in the Bridge End by 12.30 sampling the various delights, tried the beer as well.

December 15th     Longwood 4hrs

Durdy, Dave Gill, Bill McGuinness
Apre’s Hunters trip which turned into an epic down Reynolds Passage sniffing gelignite.

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