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January 27th     Thistle Pot

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book        20min

Bishop, Mac, Gobby, Ratarse, Terry
Pulled a couple of rocks out of the dig in the main rift then Mac & Ratarse laid and fired a 2lb charge

February 2nd     Thistle Pot

Mick Durdey

Removing debris from Mac's blast of previous weekend, digging very easy.        T/U 2HRS

February 3rd     Giants Hole

J Middlemist, M Durdey

Tackle washing trip to bottom of Giants managed to persuade Watson's spies to let us go down for ten bob on the pretence we were instructors from Whitehall unfortunately we were three hrs behind Whitehall team dont think he believed us.

M Durdey

February 24th     Hollandtwine

A Harrison, Vic

Tourist trip for ladder climb down to 150 ft level.

A Harrison

March 2nd     P8

A Harrison, Vic, Zeke = two novices Clive Travis + Gary Hardy (Sam)

Good fast trip no bother.

A Harrison

March 3rd     Hollandtwine

A Harrison, Steve, Vic

Trip to bottom via 150ft level equipment in reasonable order despite long respite underground.

A Harrison

March 29th     Water Icicle

Paul Thompson, Suart Chester, Steve Watson, Alan Harrison

A digging trip downstream passage approx. 3 ft pushed.

March 30th     Water Grove

Grid ref 193760

Climbing shaft near Mary's house

Paul Thompson, Stuart Chester, Steve Watson, Alan Harrison, Andrew Broadbent

A 20 ft shaft onto a platform into main shaft, main shaft 8 x 6 ft approx solid limestone depth unknown water at bottom. smell of methane.


March 29th     Gautries. P8

Andrew, Durdey

April 4th     Maskill, Oxlow Giants Con

Middlemist, Wagstaff, Durdey

April 12th - 15th     Easter   Ireland

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book

Doolin Cave System

Jim, J Rat, Ratarse, Bishop, Cronin, Ken Jones, Phil Collett etc

Usual tourist trip to Doolin Cave System. All were very impressed despite our overall lack of lighting. Out via Fisherstreet.


Jim, J Rat, Ratarse, Bishop, Cronin, Ken Jones, Phil Collett etc

Sean's first caving trip. In via Pollnagollum and then a gentle stroll down to Poulelva entrance. Prussicked out of the very fine pothole. Good trip - Sean was delighted.

Caves on Inisheer, Arran Isles

J Rat, Ratarse, Peggy. Cheg

Investigated a c.110' long abandoned stream passage cave on the Inisheer island. This is the only known cave and is located on the ridge behind the wreck of the Plasey. The passage is walking size for most of its length and ends in a loose earth choke - very diggable and worth a return visit.

O'Connors Bar

everybody, all the time

Atlantic Ocean (lost in fog)

Rat Bros, Peg, Phil & Fiancé, Cheg, Pissed boat driver.

April 21st     Rescue at Oxlow

Rat Arse, J Rat, Steve & Ted
Dug Thistle prior to this
All out in a couple of hours (Recued 4 Stockport fools who had absieled down Oxlow, taken ropes with them and failed to get through connection "We thought it was sumped" Pegasus team J (J for Joke) were first on the scene!!! SO THERE.


May 4th-5th     Alston, CUM _ BERLAND

Mick Dirty, MacAnus, Marilyn, Mouse, Vic, Steve, Torchy
We succeeded to get down smelt-mill beck weather excellent. Cave well 5/10 for trying.
Good w/end - lots of cave sites to look at. August Bank holiday - weekend in CUM-BER-LAND.



May 12th - 13th Collier's Peril, Coonsdale

Cheg, Al Harrison
Badger shitt - great!! (He's a fuckin' liar) Further trip required to get to water course.


May 17th     Bradwell Parish Cave

J Rat & Teapot


May 17th-19th     Thistle Pot

Cheg, A J rat, Steve, Mac

A very small keen party went down Thistle did a bang to remove several boulders. Returning tomorrow or its today.
J Rat, Cheg, Mick Durdy, Daves, Williams & Lucas, Blythe
Returned 3.40 am Sat more digging & shot-hole drilling.


May 18th     Nettle Pot

Al Harrison, Teapot, Steve Watson
Good trip including Elizabeth Pot no tackle jams.


May 19th Sunday     Giants Hole

Mouse, Vick, Teapot
Star date 19/5/74 10 am EARTHYEAR The INTREPID explorers decided to conquer the depths of GIANTS (Gaping hole of Derbyshire) And to install a line through ST VALENTINES (NO ONE KNEW WHY) Incedently it took more than 30 MIN to bail sump. As our life capsules were running out - no oxygen we did not conquer the Filthy Five so instead do east canals the traditional way the water was 4 ft below normal level approx surface area 20 ft x 9 ft so ends the Discovery.

Incedently it was mouses idea to put the line through ST VALS.

Just so Durdey with his new mask, snorkel + nerves could free dive it!


May 19th     Thistle Pot

Drilled 4 shot holes using electric drill. Blew up wall to such an extent that it'll take weeks to clear away the gravel. Dug into 10' of tight passage ending in gravel choke with draught.
Looks like another 14 years work!


May 26th     P8

Al Harrison, Dave Stut, June Stutt


June 9th     Thistle Pot

Paul, Cheg, Dave Lucas
Dug a lot.

P Thompson

June 9th     Oxlow New Series

Mick, Vic, Al and party of Boy Scouts
water very low canals want bailing.


June 21st     Knotlow Mine

Mac, Teapot, Steve, Durdy, Nigel Burns, Al, Jim Smart, Ted Meek
Good trip down to Coffin levels, exceptionally cool with out wet suits in coffin level itself but average trip was quick as expected.


June 21st     Hillocks Mine

Mick, Teapot
Just a look at entrance and caverns, no time for anything else other party who had the key were coming out.


June 21st     Water Icicle

Durdy, Teapot, Nigel Burns, Jim Smart
Quick trip to bottom to have a look at orpheus dig + Pegasus dig. nothing much else to do except look around. Good trip.


June 22nd     Dr Jacksons

Vic, Teapot, Durdy

June 29th     Thistle Pot

Cheg, Teapot, Dave L
Cleaning out Macs blast rubble. Found Mac a present, 2 sticks that didn't go off. Teapot nearly honked when he found a decomposing rabbit.

Later that afternoon.
Cheg, Durdy Mac Anus, Teapot
General cleaning of gravel out of tunnel etc.

June 29th     Maskill

Al Steans, Wyne, Clive Westlake and some one else
Good trip down Maskill not to many lose rocks Worth another visit.


June 30th     Thistle Pot

Cheg, Mac Anus, Teapot Steve, Durdy
Extend passage along + downwards, teapot found two more decomposing rabbits. WORTH YET ANOTHER VISIT.


July 7th     Gautries Pot

Steve, Durdy, Teapot
A realy good trip with DURDY acting the Goat on Saying every passage we went down he said that he thought that you would like to have a look at it. 4/10 MJDurdy.
English could be better.


July 7th     P8

Steve, Durdy, Teapot
A fairley good trip, Bit wet so we did the lot down to the sump + back but didn't suceed in getting Steve into the sump. Durdy did the crawls.
Steve + Teapot Bypassed 2 Sump the clever way.
Left Steve behind in entrance so as to drown him in water.
1hr 30MINS


July 7th     P8

McAnus, Cheg, Teapot
ANOTHER Good trip for all three as teapot had already done the cave the same day. Cheg, Teapot did the crawls. Teapot Bypassed the 2 sump the same way as last time (THE EASY WAY).
TRIP done 60MINS


July 7th Morris Sump

Time; About 45MINS
Went down entrance quite tight (12" at least) passed sump using non of 4 cylinders available. did a bit of digging fixed new handline to clutch and also replaced starter motor, good trip.



July 8th     Dr Jacksons

Vick, Durdy, Teapot, Steve, Cheg, Dave Epton
2 Partie went down 1 to sump the other to push the cave via prospective digs.


July 14th     Dr Jacksons

Novice Trip Teapot, Vick CSG
As far as the Letter Box with I TURNING BACK
Vic decided to abort venture, but not before Teapot had thrown gear down the letter box. so we collected gear and got out to do P8.


July 14th     P8

John, Janet, Teapot, Vick, CSG


July 14th     Dr Jacksons

Cheg, Durdy, J.Rat, R.A., Icarus
To justify the extra supplies of black sludge embided during lunch time, the coprophiles then proceeded to pollute with excreta & woodbines the above said mentioned hole Dr Jacksons Hole. Cheg, Durdy, J.Rat, R.A. & the virgin Icarus (who had not ventured into this hole before this inst). Further investigations of dig at bottom of second rift showed little hope of success. V tight and awkward, & sand filled, nowhere to dump rubbish. Back to the drawing board.
P Webb.

By a majority vote, after he has paid his annual club fees, & back dated hut fees, R.A has been officially thrown out of the Pegasus for his activities against the interests of the glorious Fatherland. Heil Victor.


July 16th     Pandora Mine, Wales

To be written by J.Rat
2 Wet days in N.Wales. A Trundlers delight! details to follow.
Festered down the PANDORA (or WILLOUGHBY-FOXDALE IF YER LIKE) MINE at Llanrwst, on the shores of limpid Llyn Geirionydd, near Nant-Bwlch Haiairn by the cottage of Ty'n-y-Groes etc etc etc Nice liitle trip. J.Rat found a grotty old felt hat (about 300yrs old) in one of the winzes. He may now be seen parading round country in same. Also trundled millions of tons of slate in Dinorwic Slate Quarries, near Deiniolen and threw stones at PARYS COPPER MINE Anglesey. Oh yes got pissed.

19/7/74 J.Rat, after having a lift from a passing Victor (from Walsall to New St Station, Brum didn't go to Greece. It seems the IRA got there first.


July 21st     Old Ham, New Dun

Forest of Dean
T Pot, Cheg, Durdy, McManus, Vic
Arrived on Saturday afternoon. Went down Old Ham and into New Dun. both digs.


July 27th     Hollandtwine

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book 5hrs
Cheg started to build a scaffolding platform across the main shaft at 150'. Meanwhile RA and myself climbed up the climbing shaft and put two ACRO's and an iron bar beneath the choke at the top. At this point we distinctly heard a jet aeroplane pass overhead! Also we could hear Steve using the pick somewhere nearby.


July 28th     Hollandtwine

Cheg, McGuinness, t pot, J.Rat, R.Webb, Mouse + 1?
Put platform in at 150 ft level on Saturday and Sunday. Jarratt digging at end of 360 ft level in "Winze" says too narrow to dig and rubbish has to be brought out with your feet. Fresh collapse at end of 225 ft level and in cross-cut at bottom. floor lowered about 15 ft (Mouse)

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book 2½hrs
Cheg completed his platform while we went to the bottom. I had a short dig in the circular winze at the beginning of the collapsed Hazard (?) workings. This could possibly be pushed further with an iron bar, though the deads above the winze are decidedly "rank mank". On the 220' level I had just removed my head from a rather nasty looking hole when an equally nastly looking roof fall arrived in it.At the same time Mouse & friend had sunk into the floor near the bottom of the winding shaft when a 25' ginged shaft ran in?

(Shag. Killed on Sunday in Merlins)

August 3rd-28th     Trip to Austria

Mr & Mrs P Colett, K James, A lefftly, P.Latterley, Mr & Mrs M Bishop, P.Cronin, P.MCdermott, J wildly, P.Able, Luigi
Much walking done, caving, Brunnloch, Eiskegel and some other small ones.


August 3rd     Lathkill Head Cave

Vic, A Steans, P. Herod
Lathkill Head Cave. water very low in bedding plane.


August 3rd     Dr Jacksons

D. Stables, Cheg, B.Al
Went down pitch after 1st traverse ending in sump with stirrup pump in, well worth a dive if anyone interested? (30 ft pitch)


August 11th     Lathkill Head Cave

A.Harrison, S.Chester, D.Stables, W.McGuinness, S.Watson
Got as far as junction of tiger II and gassons passage then turned back due to shortage of time. noticed what appeared to be a tube 20ft up in wall of rift above corkscrew. said it would be worth pegging. Big Al. agreed to try sometime.


August 18th     Lathkill Head Cave

A. harrison, S.Chester, A.Steans, J.Jones, W.McGuinness, D.Stables, V.Holland
Took left hand fork at junction into Tiger II & III and arrived at handshake chamber. managed to force way through boulder shake into Gassons Passage and found small dry streamway down to Sump? Pushed by A Steans this continued until only 2" air space he then returned. Very strong draught from Boulder Choke on left. This was the first time a round trip of Tiger II & III - Gassons passage had been done.


August 24th     Cumberland

T.Pot, McAnus, Chris Coles
A good weekend exploring (drift mine levels) in Hudeshope Beck lower drift run in highest one in perfect condition complete with 200 ft shaft (also if anyone is interested there are remains of tools and wooden railway).

High Force
looked at small holes at foot of the waterfall, and back down the river.

Warcop Fell
Two streams sink one grown over with peat sunk into a small choke at the bottom of a sink to the left of this small exposed bedding plane cluttered with debris, water could be heard rumbling below. worth a dig next time. the other is an obvious sink on dagber tarn diggable worth a visit.

Footnote. One or two good trips done in the High Force Hotel.


August 26th     Giants Hole

A.Steans, J.Jones, W. McGuinness
Quick trip to the canals & return, still the same old cave, Watson still charges a quid minimum.


August 26th     (Bank Holiday Monday) Lathkill Head Cave (Again)

T.Wright, A.Harrison, S,Chester
Pegged up to tube in rift that wasnt. No further pegging considered worth while in this rift (very loose) Terry and Cheg had a look at Critchlow. Very tight but strong draught (Still no water around) A pushing, digging trip to be done in Critchlow.




Mouse, Dumbo, Durdey, One Week.


August 28th     (ISH) - September 10th (ISH) Ireland

Jim Shannon, Neil, J.Rat, Pat Cronin
Yet Another Superb through trip NR Lisdoonvarna. 4 entrances.


August 31st     Lost Johns System

V.Holland, A.Steans, W/McGuinness, C.Coles
The above four descended the system after enlisting the help of 5 Huddersfield Tech sherpas to help carry the gear. The ability of these college types was tested by first proceeding down the Old Roof traverse and sending one down the 120' Monastery pitch, and then deciding to go the other way. Eventually four of these wankers left the cave, leaving one stout fellow named John to bottom with us and dutifully detackle and carry the gear out. A word of praise is also registered to 3 Red Rose members who generously loaned us 125 ft of ladder, After Chris and Al had in their infinite foresight laddered Hammer pot, Mud pot and Centipede before deciding to go the right way. However despite an eventful and enlightening route finding reconoitre the system was eventually followed to within a few feet of the final sump total time 8hrs.

For Future reference


New roof traverse
No1 Hole + Vestry no gear needed
Cathederal    75 ft ladder    125 ft rope    4 ft belay
Dome           75 ft ladder    100 ft rope    3 ft belay
Candle + Shistol pots    50ft ladder    5ft belay
Battleaxe    50 ft ladder
Wet Pitch    75 ft ladder    175 ft rope,    crab belay
Last Pitch    25 ft ladder    2 ft belay

Hammer pot series
Hammer Pot    25 ft ladder    2 ft belay
Mud Pot          50 ft ladder    75 ft rope    2 ft belay
Centipede       100 ft ladder   125 ft rope    crab

Old roof traverse
Monastery Pitch    125 ft ladder    200 ft rope    long belay
NB: Self lifelining on single rope neccessary for above mentioned rope lengths.


August 31st     Thistle Pot

Cheg, T.Pot, Terry Wright, John Jones
Dug into Small chamber enough room to sit two people comfortably small pool of water when drained it filled up over a matter of minuets.


September 9th     Magpie Sough

Icarus, Torch, W McGunness, J,Jones
Trip into Magpie Sough. Mineral expedition for Torchy.


September 9th     Hodbarrow Mine Lakes

Visit to Hodbarrow mine. Did inner barrier and out barrier (well sail needed in lower level)


September 9th     Lakes

Aileen, Cheg, T.Wright, B.Wright
Few slate mines in Conniston, with a visit to see terry's clatch.


September 14th     Giants-Oxlow Connection

A.Steans, J.Jones, W.McGuinness
Masochists trip through the connection, with 4 Rolls Royce Caving Club types, who's tackle we used. MORAL OF THE TRIP! NEVER GO CAVING WITH ROLLS ROYCE C.C.


?? Green How Mine, Nr Leeds

Trip down main level + a wander around old mans passage. Mainly lead ore and fluorspar extracted. Trip run by ULS Geology Dept which use main level for surveying training. Much work in progress in clearing falls. Well worth a visit.

Ken James

Depends on the guide really doesn't it Ken?!!
You naughty boy!

Dropping in this puky day,
I found the Pegasus away,
Instinct said they must be in,
The Stags, The Dev or Wanted Inn,
But though the ale in there was flowing,
No-one had seen them stick a toe in.
Could one or two have shot their lot,
Letting off bang down Thistle Pot,
Or somehow lost their means of traction,
Seeking ways of satisfaction,
In the Oxlow Giants connection,
Not a likely occupation,
For the suppers of our nation.
P8, Nettle and Hollandtwine,
May have some trogloditic shine,
But even so, not even they,
Can keep the Pegasus away,
from their alcoholic succour,
and what self-respecting ------,
Would choose to make his bed,
In a tight old hole like Lathkill Head.
Down to the information centre,
I decided for to venture,
But Mrs Young had no idea,
Of why there was nobody here,
They'd not been seen for a couple of weeks,
Not like our speleoholical freaks.
At Castleton you'll find the best tea,
In Mrs Lancaster's parlour you see,
And here I finally solved the mystery,
- shouldn't have doubted the lessons of history -,
a caring clan of another variety,
Had heard that in Mendip a local society,
Had attracted the Pegasus onto the scene,
By handing out free ale on Pridee Green.


September 21st     Birks Fell

M.Durdy, Mouse, Dumbo, Cheg, Bill, T Pot, A Steans
A good sporting trip. Aland Mouse getting down the last pitch to the sump. T Pot did the first 200 ft due to lamp failure (again) and spent the rest of the day pouring hot water out of the local bog down his wet suit socks to keep warm length of trip 8½ hours. Pub on Sunday.


September 28th     Mendip Speleostomp

P.Webb, Jane, Cheg, T Pot, Bill, M.Durdy, Mac & Mrs, Aieleen, Mouse
A bit poor by derbyshire standards but not a bad first effort. Don't eat food at Mendip stomps (Ask Aileen)
No caving done as usual.


October 5th Saturday     Stoney Dale

Looked at two small tubes in the left hand side of Stoney dale below layby shelter. first one in base of old Quarry blocked by stal boss after 30 ft. second one blocked with silt after a few feet. did a bit of digging.


October 5th     Nettle Pot

Al Steans, Vic, Bill
A trip down nettle found signs of a hanging, a lot of debris. Took 6 hours and didn't get a drink.


October 6th Sunday     Hollandtwine

Vic, Bill, Dave Epton & Laurence Hurt
Tourist trip.


October 6th Sunday     P8

Mick, Mac, T Pot, Mouse, Steve
Photo Mission
R.A.Tarse & Cheg did some more to the hut ceiling.


October 19th     Hollandtwine

Cheg, Bill, T Pot, Dave, Durdy
Object of trip was to bang at bottom of 70' pitch This was achieved after a couple of misfires.


October 20th     Duce Holes

Nr Sch---- By You Know who
Cheg, Mac, Steve, Dave Epton
Very interesting cave, digging easy, promising.

October 20th     Hollandtwine Mine

T.pot, Vic
Glory seeking trip by three Eldon members
Trip into the upper series of the PCC --- to include a keeper warm hut session Two persons caught the 'Itching Fits' so T.pot made a hasty retreat to Buxton while Vic continued trip.


November 9th     Coed Mawr Pool Mine

Betws-y-Coed, N Wales
½ mile of straight adit level leads to c.70' wet shaft. This was climbed using the 5" diameter compressed air pipes and a bible. A ledge was reached at 70' and the shaft still appeared to be going up - too much water to see across or up shaft. Rumours of piles of pumps, Holman rock drill etc up here somewhere. Will return and complete climb when mental asylum gives me a day off. (with N.Weston GMRG)


November 10th     Tan-yr-Ogof Cave

Abergele, N Wales
Neil Weston , 2Mutton Duster (DOG) and self did much digging in these huge but short caves. Digging is easy being in clay and sand in a passage 30' high. Might go with JCB.


November 12th     Parys Mtn Copper Mine

Anglesey, N Wales
N.W and I explored several hundred feet of intricate levels and stopes leading from an old incline level. At one point we found stone steps, leading straight into a flooded stope and in another a rock bridge spans a flooded shaft of blood red water. Real "Lord of the Rings" stuff! Found loads of copper sulphate (?) crystals.



November 17th     Duce Hole

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book 1hr 50mins
Steve Watson, McAnus, Cheg
A small swallett entrance leads to some 200' of large walking passage with a superb dig at its end. A sand/gravel filled rift is being excavated by the club - a railway is soon to be installed. I dug through some 5' of gravel enabling me to squeeze through into 8' of open passage. A further 6' of partly choked rift cold be seen leading on. The water is believed to come out in Bagshawe.


November 23rd     Notts Pot

Those present. Mouse (EPC), Dumbo (EPC) Graham Oggley (EPC)
Cave very wet in near flood conditions. We met a party of U.B.S.S. pirates, but they didn't cause any trouble. Descended by the left hand (wet) route by 20', 60', 90', 30', 30', 60' +15' pitches, single roping the first 60' and 90' as we didn't posses enough ladder. The last two pitches were said to be impassable by U.B.S.S. but we managed by abseiling down and swimming up with a strong life line. Coming out we had more than a fair share of trouble with tackle hauling and with bad lights - went down with 3 carbide , 3 electrics all working - came out on 2 carbide specials and one electric. Came out to a sleet blizzard, and it took some time to find the car.
Time 6½ hrs.


November 24th     Hollandtwine

B McGuinness, Mac, BAZZA, Steve, Bill
Trip to find climbing shaft using Bassers detecting equipment. Trip succesful and position of shaft on surface located.


?? Hollandtwine

T.Pot and 5 others
Good trip Quiet a few natural collapses were noticed where deads have fell away. Other wise every thing still the same. Lots of water about in the 70' and aven. Trip 3 hours.



December 22nd     St Catherines/Fisher St Pot

December 24th     Polnagollum/Pollaeva

December 25th     Pol-An-Ionian

December 26th     Polnagree

Inlet to be looked at next time.

December 27th     Arran View/St Cathrines

Mousse, Cheg, J.Shannon, Dennis, Bill
Aran View - Fisher St Pot - Doolin St Cathrines I
Entered Aran View about 5 pm. Shannon got cut on knee by tin can in entrance. Cheg went first down 'English Pig' entrance and was washed into crawl with 2" air space and then managed to get out. Mousse tried and got through finding a by-pass 20' to the right on the floor. Cheg returned out Aran View with Dennis. Mousse, Shannon and Bill continued at a fast speed towards junction to fisher st. Many Ducks encountered water flowing Very, Very fast. We reached St cathrine Junction and decided to continue to see if fisher street pot was open. We reached beginning of bedding cave and decided to return through St Cathrines as we had arranged. Return was very difficult water coming down the canals rose 2' in 20 mins and it got harder and harder to move. Bill and Shannon stayed to the side of the wall while mousse pushed on another 50' water still rose until 1½' from the roof. Bill, Shannon found the water easier to swim in and tried to follow mousse. Water level then began to drop until possible to continue up stream. Had to traverse over grande Canyon canals as water was strong. Lights had failed only one good one. Difficulty finding way up St Cathrines but found way out. 11.30 pm.

PS Time for prayers was not included.



December 31st New Year     Swildons Hole, Mendip

Mouse, Durdey, Bob?, Two Y.S.S.
Round trip 1½hrs


December 31st New Year     St Cuthberts, Mendip

Leader Tim, Mac, Bishop, Mouse, Durdey
Last trip 74


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