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January 17th     Swildons Hole

Al Steans, Martin Bishop, Andy Wheat, Paul Anthony
First Pegasus trip of '93, standard tourist trip to sump one including visit to Trats Temple and Shatter Pot. 3½ hr trip.


Yorkshire W/E
Met at Ingleton 10.00 ish Sat as planned as an SRT training w/e.

January 23rd     Bar Pot

Dave E, Malc S, Larry, Vic, Andy, Nigel, John
We took two cars up to Clapdale Farm but were not allowed to park there, & set of to rig - whilst Dave & Andy returned to Clapham - caught up with party in 1st chamber where we found we had put the wrong rope on the 1st pitch. - No other problems - went into main chamber which was spectacular, as it had been a wet week - also looked at Mud Hall. Exited and had a welcome drink in the New Inn - Vic & Malc went home - Rest went to Helwith Bridge stayed night in YSS hostel - just a stagger from the pub.

January 24th     Sell Gill Hole

Dave, Larry, Andy
Sunday after a slow start went to SRT. again very wet underground - quick trip as we had to be back by 6.30 pm (in Nottm). SRT seems to take longer than ladders on this type of cave. Goblin Shaft very impressive.

February 5th     Caves of Gerona, Majorca

Al Steans, Andy Wheat, Paul Anthony
Show Cave - crap.


February 7th     Caves of Drach, Majorca

Al Steans, Andy Wheat, Paul Anthony
Show Cave - excellent.


February 17th     Nettle Pot

Larry, Malc D, Andy, Aaron, Sam
Wednesday night trip. Bottomed Elizabeth Shaft. Good "Quick" night trip.


February 20th     P8

Malc D + friend, Dave G + friend, Dave E
Trip to show two people the delights of caving - fairly dry underground - a quick walk across the fields - a cold strong wind - uneventful trip to the sump - and a potter about in the streamway Exited to the Dev - Dave's friend didn't know he had to have a change of clothing - so he had to sit next to the fire to dry out his jeans.


February ??     Smallcleugh

More digging at the blockages on the return spillway beyond Bogg Shaft.


March 3rd     P8

Al Steans, Trev Roberts, Andy Wheat + 4 Novices
Standard novice trip to sump and back - trade route 3 hrs.


April 2nd-4th     Ingleton W/E

Dave E, Dave G, Malc D, John, Larry, Arron, Sam, Andrew, Helen, Cathy
Quite a large cast. - congregated in Ingleton about 10.30 - and eventually decided on:-

April 3rd     New Rift Pot

It was decided to split into two parties - the first party being given a ½ hour start.
The derigging party arrived at the shakehole to find the rigging team still on the surface. A small party had just arrived before them - after giving them 20 mins start we caught them up at the big pitch! - and even had to rig the pitch!! due to now 11 people underground waiting to go down the pitch - some decided that it was too much and excited - the Y.S.S team delayed a lot, & our lot were late out. getting the others some concern as there had been steady rain for all afternoon & evening. Cathy + Helen almost put off caving by this!!!

April 4th     Swinstowe

No, Simpsons.
Dave E, Malc
Decided on a quick Sunday trip - as they got to the entrance they found a party of 9 from Wales just going down - and two of them came out as there were about 4 people in front of their party & messing about on the first pitch - so Dave & Malc again decided not to wait. They only had one rope 150' long - so were restricted - they eventually went down Simpsons to see how far they could get without tackle apart from a sling. They managed stake pot, pleasant potter taking a closer look at the top series - which is usually rushed.


April 9th     Smallcleugh

Cheg, Paul, Nigel, Pat, Paul, Dave G
The timber is delivered to Smallcleugh entrance, for the dig beyond Bogg Shaft. It may seem easy enough to transport underground except for one thing, Cheg had to drag us out of the Crown, where we were all hiding when he arrived from his journey via Holyhead.

Capture 1.JPG

Entrance to Smallcleugh Mine.

Sorting timber which will be used on the dig beyond Bog Shaft

April 17th     OFD

Al Steans, Trev Roberts, Icarus, John Manson
Despite the fact that the most recent visit by any of the party was several years ago, the combined team were confident of finding their way from Quarry Entrance to Top Entrance without a survey. Bad Move! Got hopelessly lost in Smithy area and returned via same entrance. JM didn't like crawling through Welsh boulder chokes.

April 18th     Bridge Cave

Al Steans, Trev Roberts, Icarus, John Manson
Quick trip to sump and back prior to pub. 1½.

April 25th - 27th     French Meet

Dave E, Dave G, Malc D, John, Rick, Larry, Sam, Arron, Andy, Mick. French were Florian, Daniel, Jean-Philipe

Florian and a few friends came to Ingleton for a few days - so a party of us stayed for a while to show them the caves & the pubs.
Arrived Sunday afternoon weather poor - had been raining on the way up & low clouds - Decided on a quick look at Thornton Force, Keld Head & Yordas Cave - Yordas was quite impressive - due to the amount of water - foam line - showed water had recently been backed up 6'. Night spent in Hill Inn. Monday - we thought water levels would still be high - decided on a swop trip.

Capture 2.JPG

Sorting gear at Ingleton during the visit of French cavers

April 26th     Flood Entrance / Bar Pot

Parties met in the G G main chamber and then went to Mud Hall & had our snack - no problems getting out - showed the French Ingleborough Cave. Night spent in Marton Arms.

April 27th     Simpsons Pot

As most of us were going home  - we had a fairly quick trip- pull through trip. French impressed by this trip. Back to caravans before leaving for Nottm etc. French staying till Thursday.

Capture 3.JPG

Negotiating Slit Pot in Simpsons during French cavers visit

Weather for Mon & Tues superb.
Grange Rigg booked for 26/4 but water levels too high.

May 3rd     Giants Hole

Al Steans, Trev, Mick, Paul W, Malc S

Standard to East Canal and back via Crabwalk - Bit of hanging about - got quite cold. 4½ hrs.

May 16th     Hillocks Mine

Al Steans, Holly Steans, Malc & Mark Scothern, Trev Roberts, Paul W, Nick

Standard novice trip.
NB    When rigging 2nd pitch, ladder goes through eye-hole, lifeline and caver does not, needs de-rigging in stages.

May??     Minera, Mid Wales

Pete, Pat, Nigel, Cheg, John Cooper, Dave G

One of several visits made to this mine.

Capture 4.JPG

Miners stows and Kibble in Minera Mine

May 28th-29th     Cowclose Mine, Elton

Pete, Cheg, Paul, Dave G, Liam Gough, Barry & Ceily Sudell

Assembled winch on a nice sunny day at the main shaft. Cheg, Paul and Ceily descended by winch, Dave, Liam and Barry abseiled. Followed the stream down dip and had some difficulty finding by-pass. Passed Barn Shaft before entering the coffin level, which brought us to Stephen Shaft and the start of the sough. At this point a dam has been constructed to restrict water flowing down the stope into the sough. We traversed over the stope and along the coffin level to Elton Shaft. Here is another dam which was constructed by the miner, Cheg and Barry dug at this dam to try and clear a blockage.

May 31st     Giants Hole

Al Steans, Trev, Andy, Wheat, Nick

Standard trip to Eating House via Crabwalk, out via Upper Series normal conditions - good first trip no snags. 4 hrs.

June 6th     Knotlow Mine

Al Steans, Trev, Nick, Andy Walchester, Nigel, Malc S
Round trip, normal route to bottom, out via Crimbo, East Level and Bung Series. sporting conditions in Crimbo. 4 hr trip.


June 10th-19th     French Trip, Vercours

Those who went Malc D, Dave, Sam, Aaron
Some members unable to get due to work problems - so 4 left with careful choice of gear & the purchase of a roof rack we all squeezed in Malcs car.
We set off in god time Thursday evening to catch the 11.00 ferry - On the M11 we were doing well, and we marvelled at the lightening miles to the south. - we were close to M25 when we came to a traffic jam. after some while we crawled into 1 lane and found that the motorway was flooded under two bridges - and the traffic could just get through by crawling along the "fast lane". - We had arranged to see Rick in Folkstone for a drink but the delay meant this was cancelled and we got to the ferry car park with just a few minutes to spare.
No problems on French roads - we decided to stay at Villard de Lans.
Obviously had had some rain before we arrived. Told weather in France was poor.

June 12th     Glacier D'Autrans

(Late start) After the rain had stopped we decide on a dryish trip. Entrance in huge depression / collapse - snow on floor - layer of ice on cave floor. Wooden platform in cave helps you sliding down pitch. One wall of pitch coated in ice - went down entrance pitches to where it gets horizontal, and becomes low & wet - A cold pot.

June 13th     Grotte de Bournillion

Still raining - so went in this one with torches. Large entrance Hydro-electric generation take water from this cave. Went as far as the streamway and potted about - Also looked at another cave under roadway in Bourne Gorge.

June 14th     Glaciere de Carri

SUNNY! Had problems finding this entrance due to our bad French & poor guide description. Entrance pitch in porch at bottom of small cliff in woods - snow in bottom of entrance pitch - Unusual pot - had to climb up out of entrance pitch bottom - and then climb down about 12' then climb up again - all in parallel jointed shafts - way on was then down hading pitches.

June 15th     Grotte De Gournier

After coffee on the balcony and a look round the visitor centre, entered cave fairly late. - cave was wet so all gour pools full - all signs of carbide vandalism gone. Enjoyable trip. - down into streamway - and up as far as place where wire traverse lines are getting dodgy - Came out fairly late wonderful starlit skies, and twinkling light from Choranche.

June 17th     Trou de i'Ague

Problems finding top entrance - so went in bottom way - low bedding flat out crawl to stream - no one was keen.

June 18th     Trou de i'Ague

Again trouble finding entrance - when we arrived two parties already down so went in upper entrance - tight, a real pig with all the rope bags- had to take off equipment to get through - again no one keen.

June 19th     Home

Saw dawn rise over English Channel.
Meanwhile in UK


June 13th     Oxlow Caverns

Al Steans, Andy Wal, Nigel, Larry, Nick, Malc S
Mixed ladder / SRT trip to bottom sump.


June 19th     Link Pot

Al Steans, Larry, Nic
SRT trip into Lancaster and out by same route.


June 19th     Lancaster Hole

Al Steans, Larry
Easy Sunday trip to Sand Caverns, Collanades and Fall Pot.

June 26th     Devils Grinding Mill Cave

Al Steans, John Manson
Collectors item ! Very quick easy trip to loosen up after 3½ hr fell run.


June 27th     Crackpot

Al Steans, Andy Wheat, John Manson
Easy 2 hr trip Interesting little cave with some nice formations.


July 4th     Hungerhill Swallett

Al, Andrew, Malc S, Nick, (Aaron, Sam), Nigel
Tight nasty, smelly, infested shit-hole, not worth the effort.


July 10th     Notts Pot

Sam, Nick, Al, Dave, Larry, Aaron, Cathy
Permit for, Pip.Pot, but decided to do Notts - as likely Sam wouldn't get down Pip. As large party - decided to split into two from 1st chamber all got to bottom sump - and looked at sump water from Ireby.


July 11th     Bruntscar Cave

One no one had done - easy trip of 800 yds or so - conveniently close to Hill Inn - interesting trip - entrance through barn.


July 18th     P8

Party - Malc S, Larry, Cathy, Andy W, Nigel plus 2 friends, Al Steans, Nick, Mike, Roger H, Glen
Weather was good. Although P8's stream was still high from the previous couple of days rain. The intention was to do some SRT and ladderwork. Unfortunately the 1st pitch had already been laddered and people were eager to move on and not wait for the rope. Result was Malc and Andy was left without any spits/hangers. The SRT had to be abandoned. Several parties were formed who then went on doing their own thing.
A bat was found hovering above the downstream sump - species 'plasticean'.
What was thought to be a bad start turned out to be a nice trip had by all.
Total trip time 4 hours.


July 24th     Lancaster to Link

Malc D, Malc S, Larry, Andy, Aaron, Nick or (Nipple), Dave
Although the weather was unsettled the idea of this trip was too tempting. Aaron and I left the others at B.P. farm and set off for Link Pot, after a little trouble route finding ( the way is basically straight on) we located the streamway and thence Echo Aven which was duly rigged. We exited the dropped Lanc catching the others up just past Stake Pot where YSS where taking photos of formations. Turned right in the Rabbit Warren, again RF problems, but again way straight on at same level, up connect climb, right at the top, through Bridge Chamber where Andy took some photos on-keeping left to Brew Chamber there a couple of slots to the left reach Long Gallery with the sound of water, following this way right led to the 88' pitch. After a superb descent, the rope was left whilst we followed the lower streamway, with Foam at various levels including the roof! From the sump the wormway was followed to an aven and relief, amazement more relief there was our rope hanging out of the roof. word was relayed back and the rope removed from the 88' pitch, Nick had a few problems at the top but we all exited without too many problems returning to B.P.F. at about midnight (10 hours approx) A brilliant trip and everyone on it was great. Aaron and Sam went home, the rest of us went back to Helwith Bridge for a right tankfull and a mammary cabaret show.


July 25th     Dow Cave

Malc D, Malc S, Larry Andy
Weather mixed. Interesting cave. Andy took the opportunity to take some photos. Had a look in Dowber Gill Passage, saw some beautiful helictites. We all agreed it would be nice to come back and do the link From Provident Pot.
Trip time 1½ hours.


August 1st     Eldon Hole

Keith, Andy, Al, Larry, Alex, Nick
Descended North and East routes. Unfortunately the line up to Millers Chamber had been stolen ( we read this in Descent later that week) and I bottled out ¾ of the way up the 24 m climb.

Capture 5.JPG

They had begun to install D.M.M hangers at the S end

but this was abandoned due to very unsound rock.


August 7th     Cow Pot

Cathy, Andy, Larry
A trip not meant to be. Arrived at the Fountains to find a message from Arron that he wasn't coming, no kit for Cathy.
Undaunted we managed to scrounge some gear from Bernies Cafe and decided on Cow. After attempting the sneaky route but finding it too awkward we began the descent of Fall Pot.
Somehow Cathy's 'stop' exploded at the 1st Rebelay and was left hanging by something and stranded. I initiated an easy mid rope rescue, and meanwhile Andy's light melted off his helmet. Andy exited leaving his stop to Cathy. Cathy and I continued both a little? shaken and made a short trip to the Collanades, which stunned Cathy and maybe made the trip worthwhile. The offending brand new stop was later pronounced dead by Lyon Equipment. Both plates were bent.

Capture 6.JPG



August 8th     Rowten Pot

Andy, Larry
Cathy a little perturbed by the previous day declined the invitation. My self (still very nervous, but mostly of my aging Cowstails) and Andy made a Fairly rapid trip by Rift and bypass routes only held up by a few semi competent groups and a nice aggression relieving attack on the sheared 4th pitch deviation bolt.


August 8th     Giants Hole

Al Steans, Andy Wheat, Roger Hall
Excellent trip, lots of water in system, in via Crabwalk out by Upper Series 6 hrs.


August 9th     Rowter Hole

Andy, Nick, Al, Larry, Malc S ?
There are a number of rebelays possible on this shaft only one is remotely necessary, just as the shaft open in to the cavern about 12 m above ground.

August 15th     Nettle Pot

Larry, Nick, Andy, Al, Keith, Nigel
Trip down Crumble and Beza (narrow and wet with only an awful rig possible) Had a good time making an extremely unstable dig at the bottom.


August 22nd     Winnats Head

Malc S, Nigel, Andy, Roger, Al + andy, Larry, Giles
Now were talking - extended 1988
From short entrance passage steep flat out crawl (very awkward when knackered on return) leads to main chamber where a way down climbing through boulders leads to the muddy but spectacular Fox Chamber. Towards the other end of the convoluted way down, including a very awkward (on the return, best to put a short rope on it) rift, leads to a squeeze in to a sloping chamber with a 20 ft round blue sump pool. The previous obstacle caused considerable problems to most and half the party retreated here (leaving us with all the gear 5 bags, hard work to exit with)
The cave continued along a nasty wet bit in to a chamber with a 12 m Prussik up some dodgy in situ rope with 2 rebelays. Al and Andy turned back here. And now there were two Andy W and me. More delights to come though. At short crawl lead to clean washed cave a nice new E.P.C rope going in to the ceiling and we descended the 4 pitches to the deepest point of the cave a beautiful Sump Pool. The return was hard work with the overkill of tackle. A Super trip.
PS The rope up needs about 6 m between rebelays replacing by the 1st man up.


September 4th     Gingling Hole

John, Dave, Larry, Andy
Met at Settle and proceeded to the Hole. Ladder entrance - all rope bags a pain in entrance series - found other pitches still roped - Left all our tackle in big chamber, Paradise Regained - a superb passage - last pitch not rigged - rope by pitch no not good condition, & bolts not good - so exited, & had a look at Gingling Sink - - the bedding crawl made to awkward by boulders washed in. into Helwith Bridge for meal etc before 9.00 pm!!
On the Sunday Andy had a wing mirror broken in Kingsdale - had to go to Settle Police Stn. to report.


September 4th     P8

Al Steans, Roy, Mick, Roger, Nigel
Excellent trip, very low water conditions sump 1 at least 15 ft below normal. Looked at all other sumps in cave . Able to explore a lot of cave not normally accessible.


September 12th     Giants Hole

Al Steans, Andy Wheat, Larry, Nick
Good trip including look at entrance series, visited upstream sump, top sump also Valentines Sump in bottom series.


September 25th     Mongo Gill

Al + Andy, Larry
Descended Shock Shaft, did all lower sump series and headed towards south entrance. New Cavern spectacular, route finding was a little tricky as we were trying to navigate in opposition to the guide. We eventually gave up finding the way at the Forest, more beautiful stals. Next time we'll try it the other way. It was a brilliant trip though.


September ??     Jug Holes

Larry, Nick


October 2nd     County Pot, Wretched Rabbit

Larry, Roy, Mike, Nick, Cathy


October 3rd     Oxlow Caverns

Al Steans, Andy, Roger, Nigel
Trip to upper series as far as North Pitch, also looked at connection entrance.


October ?? Nicker Grove

Larry, Helen, Malc S

October 16th     Little Neath River Cave

Al Steans, Andy Wheat
Superb trip in conditions just allowing entry via Flood Entrance (river entrance) Visited sumps one and two, Mud Hall, Sand Caverns, Genisis Gallery and canal bye-pass. Canal sumped!


October 17th     Lancaster Hole - Wilf Taylors

Mike, Roy, Larry, Roger, Andy, Cathy, Nick, Al


October 23rd     Rumbling Hole

Malc S, Dave E, Nick, Larry, Andy, Al, Roger
At last - Nice open entrance shaft in which I found my light was not working, I exited leaving rigging to Dave and begged a lamp off somebody in our party and caught up with Dave part way down 2nd. The cave is fairly straightforward and pretty vertical. None of us fancied the wet crawl at the bottom.


October 24th     Swinsto - Valley Entrance

Malc S, Andy, Cath, Arron, Roger, Al Steans, Dave Epton, Nick + 2 students
Standard pull through trip.


October 31st     Pool Sink - Lancaster, Wretched Rabbit

Al Steans, Larry, nick, Nigel, Andy Wheat, Andy Wal, Roger
Good route finding exercise - no problems.


November 7th     Long Rake

Al Steans, Larry, Andy W x 2
Good first visit to Mine, Andy Wheats first SRT trip - few minor problems Sir Larry to the rescue (again). Ran out of rope. Guide survey didn't make much sense.


November 13th     Nenthead

Traditional late autumn Notts Climbers Club meet organised by John Cooper.
Photographing and video trip at Bogg Shaft to record the find of the return spillway before it becomes difficult to reach. Terry Bolger videoed the climb up the pipes, and followed the pipes along the level until he arrived at our main dig (remember all that wood we took into Smallcleugh in April?) he did not take his camera through the dig.


November 13th     Flood (Wades) Entrance

Al Steans, Larry, Andy, Roger
Trip in and out of Gaping Gill by same entrance, quick look around inc Stream Passage and Sand Caverns.


November 14th     Calf Hole - Browgill Cave

Larry, Malc, Al Steans, Roger, Roy, Andy
Easy Sunday thro' trip. Abseil down Calf Hole entrance exit via Browgill short, but sporting, wet cave.


November 21st     P8

Al Steans, Andy Wheat
Thorough look around upper entrance series plus visit to Christmas Aven and all of Ben's dig, Exit delayed by abundance of novices on first pitch.


November 21st     Long Rake Mine II

AW, Nick, Larry, Simon
Got to a further limit this time, but still short of rope. Stream / water heard in the crawls in large chamber.


November 27th     Swildons Hole

Al Steans, Roger, Andy Walchester
Trip to Double Troubles series and exit by same route.


November 28th     St. Cuthberts Swallet

Al Steans, Roger, Andy Walchester, Stuart McManus
Through tourist trip led by Mac, went to end of Cuthberts 2 by duck and dams. A lot of ground covered in a relatively short time.

December 5th Veer Shaft, Hilltop Shaft, Gautries Hill Pot

Al, Andy, Larry, Mike, Nigel
(access from farm opposite P8 car park)
Found both Rake and Veer shafts after a little while covered by rotten tree branches. With some 25 ft belay from trees descended 1st Pitch, the only bolt I could find for the 2nd pitch was halfway out of a dodgy looking wall so I waited for others opinion. Andy and Nigel came down and noticed a nicely drilled spit on another wall. A 'Y' hang was arranged but after 10 ft of descent Nigel had to hold the wall in place as the nice spit was pulling a 3 ft square block away. I hastily but very carefully ascended the pitch and we all exited leaving a bag behind which Al later retrieved.
Not satisfied Al decided to descend Hilltop shaft, a safe (well sort of ) rig was arranged and Al dropped in for a look, it was apparently pretty loose.
On the way back down the hill we stumbled over G.H.Pot and all dived in for a look and came out with a little more than what we went in with. An enjoyable, easy and eventful day.


December 12th     Cow Pot - Maple Leaf Passage

Malc S, Roger, Andy, Simon, Larry
Following the route to the top of 88' pitch (see 24/7/93) then turned right. We missed the connection somehow to Cape Kennedy.
Must take another look sometime.


December 19th     Giants Hole

Malc S, Nick, Andy, Andy, Al, Larry, Simon, Nigel in car
Trip to '59' series via upper series looking at all inlets issuing water and way through upper series, also investigated passage at top of fixed iron ladder in Ghost Rift. Cold trip in high water conditions.

December23rd-30th     Nenthead

Cheg, Catherine & Aileen, Darren, Nigel, Dave G, Barry & Ceily
Annual pilgrimage to Nenthead now in its 4th year. The obligatory walk and visit to the Crown took place before dinner was served.

Capture 7.JPG

Christmas day at Nenthead with all the comforts of home

December 26th     Clargill Level, Garrigill

Travel through the snow to visit Clargill Level on west side of Clargill at Gated entrance with a cobbled floor just inside, water runs to RHS and goes through 'sump' before entering stream, downstream of entrance. Visible remains of mine shop and old bridge across the gill.
Inside water depth varies between ankle depth and over wellies. Bend in passage shows signs of tubs rubbing on RH wall. passage goes off on LHS. Further on a large collapse in shale holds back deep water. This has been dug to lower water level. Possibility of getting further on next visit. Some photos taken.
We also travelled on foot to Garrigill to visit the George and Dragon for a training session for Darren on how to quaff great quantities of beer (not coke) during a lunchtime session

Capture 8.JPG

Darren 'in training' at the George and Dragon, Garrigill

December 27th     Smallcleugh

John Addison joined us for the day. Started with a heavy session in the Miners.
Took John on a tourist trip into Smallcleugh in the late afternoon - along the horse level into main Smallcleugh Flats, had a quick look at Inclined Flats and New Fan Flats and the rock boppers. Through Smallcleugh Flats and onto Wheel Flats and then via Hetherington's Crawl to Gypsum Corner. Visited the Ballroom and Elliots String before rejoining the horse level to exit the mine after a three hour trip and return to the pub. Met a rather pissed Barry and Nigel as we were exiting.

December 29th     Smallcleugh

When Nigel and Barry visited the mine on Monday (27th) they took a right turn prior to Gypsum Corner. Today's trip would take us to Middlecleugh vein to confirm Barry's description.
On route through Smallcleugh horse level, stopped at walled up side of passage to dismantle wall to find out what was behind. A blocked shaft was seen with plenty of water coming down. Possibly Longcleugh Shaft.
Continued to Middlecleugh junction, just before Gypsum Corner. Passage is driven in shale, which is very broken, wearing to move along. We eventually came to an area of lined passage. Had a good look around, some false floors and an incline down, which may lead into Capelcleugh? Some photos taken.

Capture 9.JPG

Double arching on Middlecleugh vein

December 28th     Rowten Pot

Nick, Sam, Aaron, Cathy, Larry, Dave

Followed Flyover route all D.M.M.s.

December 28th     Carlswark Cavern


Al Steans, Andy Walchester


In via Eyam Dale Shaft down to sump via Big Dig out by Gin Entrance. Minor route finding problems -? We got lost.

December 29th     Lancaster Hole, Manchester Bypass, County Pot


Aaron, Sam, Larry, Cathy, Roy, Mike


Minoretts & Daniels Pallet - both worth a look.

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