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January 15th      Hillocks Mine

Dave, Malc, John, Trev, Paul, Mick
Called at hut to collect ladder rung tubing.
We had planned to do Dr Jacksons but too much water about (Carlswalk water was flowing onto the road) We decided to do Hillocks Mine.
Quite an exciting trip across snowy Derbyshire. Farmers barn was gratefully used for changing. Uneventful trip - looked at the connecting passage to Knotlow.


February 12th     Peak Cavern

John, trev, Dave x 2, Malc, Mick, Paul, Buster (TSG)
We were the first party down after the previous weeks flooding - all the footways were generously coated with mud. Buster gave us a conducted tour which included Treasury Sump (we watched some divers kit up & dive thro') Buxton Water Sump, Ink Sump and a muddy crawl just past Squaws Junction - out just in time for a drink - then a chip dinner in the TSG hostel whilst watching their colour TV.


February 26th     Dr Jacksons Cave

Dave, Malc, Paul, Mick
Tried again to get into Dr Jacksons to see what the changes were, but passage sumped just before sink - water very cold - came out looking at all side passage then went in :-

Perryfoot Cave
Spent ½ hour or so pottering about before we went for a warm up in the Royal Oak at Stoney.


March 10th     King Pot

Dave, Malc, John, Trev, Rick Box, Arth Millett (Chelsea CC members)
This is a trip organised by John - disappointed after our last trip down King, when we only got halfway.
After an intake of grease at Bernies we set off for King Pot, finally arriving at the entrance about 1.00 pm. We experienced the same troubles in the awkward traverse and finally got to the upstream sump taking 4½ hrs. Both sumps are in effect flooded shafts. Took longer getting out the entrance series, the traverse took its toll - back at the cars by 11.00 pm - raced off to the Hill Inn were we stayed until they stopped serving 12.15 pm back to Ingleton - we stayed in caravan with other Chelsea CC members (8 berth caravan) 10 bodies!


March 31st     P8

AGM at the 'Dev' - same fairly sessions talking this time! - after plenty of ale.

Malc , Dave, John, Paul & Mick
Had a wet & cold trip down P8 to sober up - no one seems to remember much about the trip - we scrambled to get back to the Dev and only caught the bus with a minute to spare.
Bus to stomp at Bull i Thorn - called in at The Railway in Buxton on the way.
Stomp fairly well attended - about 65 sat down to a fine buffet Afterwards live music from R Cajun.


Post Easter Expedition!

Staying at Ingleton.     John & Trev first up


April 26th     Heron Pot

Uneventful through trip - no rain for some while so fairly dry.


April 26th     Swinsto, Valley Entrance

John, Trev, Dave
After a pleasant evening in the Marten Arms Beer Garden, (left 8.30 pm) had a through trip with an abseil rope of about 100' - some apprehension on the 50' pitch back to Ingleton just before midnight.


April 27th     Slanting Cave

John, Trev, Dave, Malc, Martin
As no one had done this cave before - had a bash - eventually turned back when streamway became too tight (on later reading the guide book I think we should have kept at higher level) so on the way back to the car :-

Yordas Cave
Same cast - We intended to go through via 80' pitch, but party just arrived , & were rigging up - so went in through side entrance down some well placed tree trunks and a nice wet climb down the cascades.
Most got changed then - John & Martin decided to do :-

Jingling Pot
Martin wanted to try his latest idea for prussiking - John just wanted a dangle - just an SRT play in the shaft.

April 29th     Rowton Pot

Dave, Malc, John
Really planned for 28/4, but after the waterfall walk decided on an early daylight trip. Despite marvellous weather water still fairly high & cold.
Laddered down gully and followed the water till the 100' shaft, which we did on rope very wet pitch - small ledge just down shaft showered water so there was no shelter. We only had 2/3 hours so didn't go to the bottom. We mainly did the trip as Malc's first SRT trip - we found on our way out, we should have traversed over streamway at bottom of gully, we would then have had a dry hang!


May 12th     Alum Pot

John, Malc, Trev, Martin
After apparently going around Ingleborough a few times landed up at Alum Pot - laddered by Long Churn. Not a good advert for Addy Tours - Turned back at Bridge.


May 26th Sunset Hole

Dave, Malc, John, Trev, Rick, Frances (age 13)
A trip mainly for Frances (Dave's Daughter) - but we also enjoyed the trip - the stop off at the Hill Inn before the trip helped -Down to 'final' chamber - and into extensions on the other side.


May 27th     Washfold Pot

John, Malc, Jim Reynolds, Martin
Although the meet was Grange Rigg -the SRT people fouled it up by wanting a dangle - so they went to do Washfold Pot.

Simpsons Pot

Dave, Trev, Paul
Those not equipped for SRT went down Simpsons Pot. Ladders used but one short so couldn't get down last pitch to top of Slit Pot.


May 29th     Ireby Cavern

Malc, John, Jim
Persuaded Jim he needed another for the road so had a quick trip to sump 1 and back.


June 3rd     Giants Hole

Dave, Malc, Paul, Rus & 3 friends
This time we made sure that the tackle was not left on the surface. Russ & party went to top of Geology Pot - the rest to bottom sump returning via Crabwalk.


June 23rd     Gingling Hole

Rick, Trev, John, Malc, Dave, Paul
Really a Chelsea trip but we became the tackling party and Chelsea the de-tackling party - Big Pitch route - our party out by 7.30 pm - Chelsea by 11.15 pm.


June 24th     Penyghent Pot

Rick, Trev, John, Malc, Dave, Paul
We don't need a permit now says John - it is now open fell! -Trev's light packed up on 3rd pitch, which we free climbed - so he exited with Paul. The 4 left went down to the sump - a few of the pitches being free climbed. - On our way out we met the party that had the permit!! -fortunately the leader knew WOKKO from the Berger Days and we parted on good terms.

Apparently the free fell means no closed season! another Addy Tours misunderstanding - still we had a good trip.

July 9th     P8

Dave Gough, Trev, John, Malc, Paul, Dave
Addy Tours foul up - Trev thought that John had put his caving gear in the car but found at Perryfoot that he only had a light. Between us we kitted him out in Motorcycle Crash Helmet, m/c overtrousers and a T shirt. He had to go down in his best shoes. We all got down to the sump and some of us had a look at Ben's dig. This is quite long and is climbing quite steeply. Air seems quite fresh. Trev was not the only caver in odd gear - a chap we met at the sump was dressed in just a furry jacket shorts & boots - Paul took some photo's. - Exited and called in at Bulls Head.


July 21st     Little Hull Pot

John, Dave Richard (Cerebus), DANI (NPC)
Trev should have met Rich in London to catch the 8.00 pm bus to Nottm. but Trev being Trev drank too much at a party and collapsed - not surfacing until the bus had gone. Rich gave up waiting and hitched up - getting to Horton at 10.30 am and meeting up with the others at P.Y.G. Cafe. Although permit was for Sunday John said no one will be down today - uneventful trip to 2nd sump on the way out met party who thought we were another club with the permit!
Addy Tours strikes again - they thought CNCC had duplicated permits. Other club came out with us as they didn't have their own belays. Quick trip to Whernside Manor Sportsmans in Dent - dinner in Craven Heiffer Ingleton drinking in Marten Arms, Slept at NPC hostel. No one felt like caving Sunday. I expect the people in the Sportsmans are still talking about the extraordinary game of pool that we played.


Yorkshire B/H meet

Phil, Russ, Dave, Malc, John, Rich, Martin, Trev


August 26th Saturday     Thorns Dub

Spent practicing diving in Thorns Dub using Richards breathing gear later did
Katnot Cave
Thorns Gill Cave
Holme Hill Cave

All followed before either sumping or getting too horrid. Russell got some credits - by taking the kids down
Long Churn
Pitches not descended.


August 27th     County Pot  - Lancaster Hole

Joined by Dave Gough & Paul
Found way through without many wrong turns. Lanc, shaft laddered - abseiled through County.


August 28th     Yordas Pot/Cave

Large family meet at least 18 went underground - some into the main cavern to meet the through trip party - some played about on the 80' pitch.


August 29th     Swinstow, Valley Entance

Russ, Dave, Malc
Pleasant through trip - didn't meet anyone.


September 8th     Dan Yr Ogof

John, Trev, Rich (London) Dave, Malc, Phil, Leader Steve Ainsley Cumbrian CC. (arranged thro' Rich)
Party met Fri night in the 'Brit' in Crickhowel. Night spent at Whitewalls - tho' unable to have a cup of tea, as there was no water - Breakfast in SWCC hostel.
In cave at 10.00 am Raced through show cave - Trip was to far North In via Green Canal. Phil's light suddenly dropped to a glimmer in the Canal. No volunteers to swap lights with him!! We turned back where far North splits into L. hand & R. hand series. We came via Abyss, Elephants Trunk, Camels Hump, Washing Machine - back to car park by 5.50 pm Quickly changed and went to celebrate at Ancient Briten.


September 9th     Porth Yr Ogof

A quick trip through.

September 30th     Oxlow Caverns

Russ, Phil, Stuart, John, Malc, Dave, Paul
Met at the hut and decide on the trip over a mug of tea. We arrived at Oxlow just after a large party that was very slow.(All waiting at the bottom of each pitch 'till all were down - before moving off) Some of us ... leapfrogged them and rigged some pitches for them. Russ, Stuart, John, Malc did the connection - hoping there would be a ladder down Garlands Pot. The others brought all the tackle out of Oxlow. The Oxlow party were out by 2.10pm - so missing the pub - by 2.45 the other party were still not back. So thinking there wasn't a ladder down Garlands, the Pegasus Rescue Team sprung into action. Dave put on his wellies and lamp, and took a ladder to Giants - fortunately he met another club in Giants entrance who told him our team had gone out. Apparently they had gone round the long way back to the cars, Dave had gone straight over the hill. The connection ducks were quite full and the airspace minimal - took some psyching up! Had a drink etc at Lovers Leap Cafe at Stoney + bottles of Websters.


October 7th     P8

Malc, Phil, John x 2
Met a crowd of sightseers at first pitch on our way out. Good job we got down fairly early! Popped into all the pubs in Castleton (just looking for Richard!) but only had a drink in one.


October 10th Streaks Pot

Malc, Phil + friend John Hayes
Spent one hour looking for two oil drums in the ground, It was dark. Spent the next hour underground and came out very muddy. Spent the last hour in the pub. A very nice evening.


October 17th     Streaks Pot

Malc, Phil, Dave
Went in the top entrance. The chamber just after the pitch was half full of fallen boulders and the way on was blocked. Went in the bottom entrance and after a lot of crawling approached chamber mentioned above before returning for a pint and home to bed.


October 27th     Rift Pot

John, Rick, Malc & Dave
Recently opened pot near Marble Steps.
Huge shakehole on way to Marble Steps - down rift to first pitch of 30' tho' could be free climbed down scaffolding way on is left flat out crawl which eventually drops down an 8' hole/rift, then more crawling with short drops lead to main pitch of 140' Tightish take off but after 3' nice open pitch to large ledge after 35' - good place for rebelaying - pitch from here is on a slope/gully for a way before joining a rift & cavern & becoming vertical - last 60' into a cavern landing on a huge cone of gravel. Up to right a squeeze leads to large passage with superb stalagmite's - thankfully taped off for protection eventually a crawl over boulders leads to a 10' duck -(an evil muddy one) - after that a tight squeeze leads to Colossus Cavern in Large Pot II From ladder across cavern to wide dry muddy walking passage leads to a collapsed chamber - apparently way to Ireby Cavern. One other passage is choked. Dave & Malc went out first but John & Rick got stuck behind a party from Grampian Spel Club - Dave & Malc were out 1¼ hrs before John & Rick - apparently the other club were not organised & very very slow - and there is no room to pass anywhere.


October 27th     Heron Pot

Phil, John Hayes
This turned out to be a memorable trip for the wrong reasons. John fell about 30' after getting into difficulty climbing up the second pitch. Assistance was given by nearby cavers but it proved necessary to call out the CRO. The 'cave doctor' confirmed John had rib injuries and a stretcher was sent in. Sadly the bottom entrance was too tight for an injured man and a hammer and chisel was called for. John was brought out about 4 hours after falling and everybody was very pleased. X rays showed bad bruising only and we made it back to Ingleton before last orders, all thanks to CRO. For future reference the tricky bottom entrance is no longer tricky. Also would anybody finding a pair of glasses at the bottom of the second pitch please return to John!

CRO rescue report 868 refers

October 28th     Swinsto, Valley Entrance

John, Rick, Dave, Malc, Martin
This was planned as a quickie to get a drink in with the families then pack up for home! - off from Ingleton at 9.15 am and quickly up to Swinsto trip went smoothly until the big pitch, where rope jammed rope belayed so abseil down one rope only and pull the other one. Somehow rope jammed no one had SRT prussiking gear and the bits of rope and slings we had were the wrong size to make prussik loops - we were therefore stuck on the ledge for about 1 hour before another party came through. Those not well dressed were soon shivering - there was a lot of water about and there was no where to sit out of the wind. Very busy in the master cave - 4 parties met. Just back to Marten Arms in time. I think some members will take ascenders next time, and are not too happy with this type of belay - but would prefer the double rope - As we all have racks the single rope type belay is not necessary. Some quickie!


November 4th     Jug Holes

Paul, Phil, Carol, Andrea
A nice wet muddy trip to introduce the girls to the delights of a good Derbyshire grovel. what started out as a semi serious trip deteriated into a mud slinging contest in the mud at the bottom of the system (started by Paul)
Dinner was a liquid! lunch in a local hostelry before returning to the woods for a little ladder practise.


November 14th     Jug Holes

Malc, Dave, Phil
Wednesday night team trip of the lower system, where we looked in all the corners for possible digs. A draughting dig was started in the 3rd Water Cavern but we eventually decided it would drop into the main passage near the 5th Water Cavern. Possible dig looked at in the 5th Water Cavern.


November 17th     P8

Paul, Phil
A quick night trip to prepare us for a night in the Dev. A cold walk across the fields in very light snow. The cave was very wet with a large amount of water over the pitches.


November 4th     Carlswalk

Paul, Phil
This was a very necessary trip to work off the excesses of lunch in the Royal Oak. An uneventful journey down, eventually enlivened by finding ourselves rather lost. At the time of writing there is some doubt as to whether this was caused by the amount of ale consumed. (TO BE CONTINUED) (Drinking, caving or writing?)


November 21st     Water Icicle Mine

Dave, Malc
Another Wednesday night trip. The foul weather made for a quick change & descent. Looked at all the main passages. The main choke in the Northwest Passage has been cleared of all the loose boulders - in a well organised dig - complete with electric power & light. Out in time for a drink in the Jug & Glass.


November 4th     Heron Pot

John, Trev, Dave
Advanced party for W/E - warm up trip after trip to Inglesport. Uneventful trip fairly wet. Exit still fairly constricted - only boulders from the exit slope removed during rescue of John Hayes.


December 1st     Alum Pot

John, Malc, Dave, Phil
After watching the rain for a few hours went to Bernies and Phil nearly bought out Inglesport. Decided on Alum as fairly safe cave for continuous rain.
John & Malc did Alum direct. Dave & Phil went down Long Churn. By being fairly late, missed all the parties. Very draughty & wet at bottom so did not go down final pitch.


December 1st     Suicide Cave

Paul x 2, Joe
A quick if not dirty trip to introduce Joe to the pleasures of underground adventure followed by :-

A very wet trip from start to finish although the descent was accomplished with relative ease. we followed the over flow passage route on the way out and climbed back up to the fixed ladder. On reaching the foot of the first pitch we discovered the party just exiting had walked off with the ladder and life line. However two persons practising S.R.T. chased after them and retrieved the missing tackle.

This was followed by a night in the Dev.

December 2nd     Jug Holes

Paul x 2, Joe
Very muddy and damp. The upper series providing plenty of fun and the lower even more. The only unfortunate happenstance was finding the time was two twenty when we came out.


December 3rd     White Scar Cave

John, Trev, Dave, Malc, Phil, (Colin NCC)
At long last we managed to get into White Scar - Chatting to Colin in the Marten Arms Friday night - he said we could join him and his young son on a trip to the battlefield area.
Show cave is easy going over concrete and wooden floor - fine streamway then until a collapse - water beyond at least 5' deep - progress was made by traversing on ledges - some only large enough for finger traversing - eventually shallows at Big Bertha - a huge choke - this can be passed at stream level on right hand side - floueresent line in duck - but dry crawl to one side. Climbing up into collapse - follow a red tape, and knotted rope after a tight squeeze upwards - you emerge out of 'Foxhole' - into the Battlefield large squarish passage (Colin had to be pulled through) We were showed the straw chambers of North- Very pretty chambers with some incredible gour pools - fair amount of connecting muddy crawls between the bedding caverns. Well worth a visit - Colins young son fell about six foot off Big Bertha but fortunately landed in water so only shaken - All needed some washing to clear the mud!
Had a chat to the manager (Dave Malley) - and have got permission to go again - we will need to check first with Dave Malley.
W/E - Stayed in caravan at Ingleton.

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