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January 15th     Giants Hole

Martin B, Dave Epton, J Addison
Originally intended to go to Yorkshire but as car was playing up route was diverted to Peak Forest and Giants.

Conditions were very wet and it was only possible to reach the end of the Crab Walk. The iron ladder was impossible due to the force of the water and thus a quick exit was in order as the level of water was rising. - So back to Nottingham and Helen's farewell party.
John Addison


February ??     Flood Entrance

Martin (L.S.), Russell, Chris Gooday
Usual problem finding correct entrance on the Allotment. And so two hours and many abortive attempts later we finally got going underground. Flood entrance is a very dry way into G.G. Disaster at the big pitch - Russell dropped the Mars Bars down it (but was later able to rescue them with Tarzan like pendulums onto ledge). we had G.G. main chamber all to ourselves and stayed all of 5 minutes whilst Martin had a pee.
Russell Smith


March ??     Juniper Gulf

Martin (L.S.), Russell, John Addison, Dave Epton, Vic Holland, Al Steans + Teapot
Usual slight delay in finding entrance - 2 hours later we entered Juniper and bottomed it, but not before the odd moment of trepidation and a few "hail Mary's".
Russell Smith


March 20th-21st     Duce Hole / Waterfall Swallet

John, Dave E, Martin, Chris
After the fiasco of an AGM at the Bull and too many pints John, Dave E, Martin & Chris decided to go down Streaks Pot to sober up! - We were waylaid by Duce Hole. As so much water was disappearing down the entrance we went down to see were it all went! We were unable to get along the bottom passage but there didn't seem to be any water backing up - We set off again for Streaks Pot but were waylaid by Waterfall Swallet. There was quite a large lake in the bottom so we had a quick trip (John also had a paddle in the lake) There was so much water at the bottom which we noticed was rising - so we made our way out. The amount of water in the entrance crawl had risen a few inches making the exit rather difficult - Chris tried to lower the water level by drinking it. He reckons that this was better than the beer from the Bull. Quote from John - Why is the cave going round?
We all had a pleasant paddle in the lake afterwards.
Dave Epton


April 19th     Giants Hole

Russell, John Addison, Andrew Farmer, Sue Farmer, Chris Gooday, John Gooday + Russell (from Bristol)
Standard novice trip - low water level. But all came to an abrupt end at top of Geology Pot. We couldn't uncoil new lifelining rope as it appeared to have expanded when wet.
Future users beware!!
Russell from Bristol paid 20p tackle fee.


April 20th     Sunday Merlins

Russell, John Addison, Dave Epton, Andrew Farmer, Chris Gooday
Lots of "hanging death" boulders warily underpassed. ginging at top S2 pitch lightly suspect. Russell & John considered duck to Shag Sump but as it was evening trip (8.00pm start) good sense prevailed. On arrival at the Dev was appalled to hear the landlord announce that he would be out of Bitter by 10 pm!!(He wasn't) We were forced to give up attempts at bottoming barrel at 11 pm by landlord who slapped a preservation order on the remainder of his stock.

Monday lunchtime - John & Russell still couldn't get to bottom of barrel - but not for the lack of trying.

April 21st Monday     P8

Russell, John, Chris & John Gooday, Andrew Farmer, Jamie Smith
Straightforward trip to sump & back, low water but that didn't stop Jamie trying to drink his way up the pitch (Failed)

Easter Weekend 1981

Mike Farmer + kids (4) + wife Sue (Member)
Russell + kids (2) + wife (Caroline)
Chris + kids (3) - in caravan - + wife (Miriam)
Dogs (2)
John & Kath Addison
Merry time had by all at the hut, which with stood the puerile onslaught well. Shift rota baby sitting ensured we were able to maximise drinking time available - well for the lads anyway.
Kids and dogs weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by everybody and those that wanted did three caving trips (john did four but he is keen) and general consensus of opinion is that this exercise should be repeated often and soon.
Russell Smith


Whit Weekend 1981     Potty Weekend

Whit holiday finished in 1963. Should read Spring Bank Holiday weekend.
Russell & family
Mike & family
John 'A' & wife
Chris & Family
Dave Brooks
Martin L. S.
Dogs 2


May 24th Sunday


Spent interesting morning attempting SRT bolt (on the tree) changeover with view to Eldon Hole in the Afternoon. We missed the pub not because of the time but because of heavy heads from Saturday night.

We then proceeded to Eldon Hole. Some members (Chris) lacking in confidence & high in apprehension. The trip turned into a 'Snowdon' type photographic expedition with shouts of "stop there a minute" and stupid things like "smile" when that was the last thing you felt like doing. We then bottomed it to find that due to the snow and a 100 ft snow plug we hadn't really bottomed it at all. We hung around waiting for the rain to stop before we all organised our own style of ascending to be met by more shouts of 'stop there' etc.


May 25th     Bunny Pot

On Saturday night Fish & Liz joined us for a few pints in the Dev. Mentioned a possible dig above the rake on the side of Eldon.

On Monday Fish, Liz + dog, Russell, Jamie + dog, Chris & John + dog and Mike Farmer went walkabout to rake cave site.
Well the entrance is definitely waterworn (a la Nettle) and is easy boulder pulling straight down. A 5' depth we pulled out a baby rabbit - much to the consternation of Fishes dog, Dican. Hence Bunny Pot!!
Much soul searching about it being rediscovery of Thistle II but I don't think so.
Negotiating with Mr Sidebottom for permission to dig.

Tuesday pm
Mr Sidebottom (Oxlow owner) reckons the field belongs to Harry Young.
Bunny Pot location is 124812


June 1981     Ireland

A. Jarratt & Jane Thomas
Mitchelstown Caves Near Cove
Michelstown, Tipperary
Nice little show cave, good formations and a young lady show guide. 25 mins
Aillwe Cave
Ballyvaughan, Clare
Nice little show cave, poor formations and old bag cave guide. 25 mins
Also spent 5½ days in O'Connors Bar and went entrance spotting. No caving due to lack of support and the fact all system completely flooded.
Regards from all at O'Connors to all at Peak Forest.


June 28th     Duce Hole

Cheg, J.Rat, Dave Epton 1 hr 50 mins
Recce of dig to check on conditions. All in good nick and bone dry. Several buckets, bags etc filled at the end and "pack walled". End of dig now in a solid walled rift with a flat chert roof - looks bloody good.


Work hopefully continues if any helpers can be gathered - otherwise we have to recruit the TSG!!
J Rat


June ??     Hallicar Wood Sough

opposite Pig of Lead (now closed)
Cheg & Richard
Not a lot to say about this ¼ mile level with occasional collapses in toadstone.


July 12th     Sir Francis Level, Gunnerside

Richard, Cheg, Chris, Dave
Long (¾ mile) paddle in level to interesting engine shaft with engine including cage, gears, pipework, drum etc. level collapsed after engine. Entrance to level is via a shaft as level which runs parallel to beck for a while is blocked after 100'.


July 12th     Duce Hole

Big Dig Weekend
Cheg, Dave Epton, Dave Gough, Gob Mike, Stewart, + Richard
Cheg says looking good, needs more shuttering, only requires more man hours.


July 12th     Bunny Pot

Depth 15'
Russell, Martin L.S., Chris & Geordie John + Wives, kids , dogs
Meanwhile the enthusiasts day trip excavated aforesaid slightly deeper than Paul Thomsons bucket but were stopped by rumoured impenetrable cracks. Cheg Eileen, Fish & wife, Cobbett & Missus helped us fill in again, but only after we had repositioned Pauls bucket + sundry (empty) larger cans + dead bunny.

This means that on one Sunday there was 10 members actively digging in Derbyshire and this must represent a club record!!


July 19th     Oxlow Giants Connection

Martin (L.S.), Russell, Stewart
Russell finally achieved an ambition of through trip - luckily bumped into party lost in Magins Rift, so we used their ladder at Garlands.
Not a single wrong turning !! (Vic not with us)
Then detackled Oxlow. Too late for pub.


July 19th     Duce Hole

Cheg, John, Chris, Richard
Shuttering of 'second shaft' to prevent silt washing into shaft and collapsing. Digging to recommence when enough support can be mustered.


July 29th     Duce Hole

Stewart, Cheg, Dave E, Dave M, Richard, Thommo, Les + 2 lads
More digging at bottom of '2nd pitch' - 6" of water from recent rains. Passage continuing with solid walls. Poggling with a crowbar failed to get rid of the water - wet suits recommended for face digger.


August Bank Holiday     Yorkshire Meet

Depleted ranks - Russell, Martin, Dave Epton, John Addison


August 27th Thursday     Marble Steps Pot

Nice trip to unremarkable sump. Limbering up trip really, specifically designed to get us to pub at a reasonable hour. However we had a slight (personal) tackle snag - exploding rope walkers - hundreds of them - well actually three. Its a good job Martin looks after his nice new ones.


August 28th Friday     Black Shiver Pot

One expensive trip to Inglesport later. Joined by Dave. FAILED to find B.S. entrance so did MEREGILL instead. Aven entrance because the lake entrance was sumped. Didn't bottom it as we were tackled up for Black Shiver. Big pitches were nice and wet. Arseholed in the Craven Heifer.
NB John caught sheep scab from nasty liquid in entrance squeeze.

August 29th     Saturday King Pot

Very big argument about which trip to do - king pot won because nobody had done it before and nobody could voice an objection. Nine hours later we were unanimous that K.P. is a horrid grovel. This was complicated by relative small party carrying tackle. General shit out at Battle Axe pitch 'cos the bolt was dodgy. (Lugger told us afterwards that he'd bought a job lot at auction - so that's why ours wouldn't fit)
Late drink in Masons.


August 30th Sunday     Out Sleets Beck Pot

Just what the doctor ordered! No walking, a little grovelling, nice 'n wet, straightforward and sumped ½ way down. We emerged into sunshine with clean gear (wetsuits and all) and proceeded to wash down all King Pot tackle in beck. Due to early finish we had a reasonable drink that evening - Russell in moment of (drunken) relaxation agreed to portering job next day for some diver in - wait for it - King Pot!!

Spent following morning hiding under table in Fountains cafe with headache. Martin Bishop advised that this diver was mad keen (and still looking for us) so we left Ingleton with a tear in the eye and went for another pint on the way home.


September 6th     Duce Hole

J.Rat, Bob Hill, Jem Pogue (BEC) 45 mins
Hungover visit to dig. Half filled three sacks (donated by landlord at Bull's Head) Dragged two out and left a third for Cheg to play with.
J. Rat
NB Also kept up Pegasus tradition of noxious drunkenness at PDMHS bonfire booze - up.


September 26th     Hammer Pot weekend?  (Ireby Fell Caverns)

Martin, Dave E, John A & Stuart L
Finally arrived with permit for Hammer Pot on wettest weekend in living memory. After negotiating with the Almighty for a drought, unsuccessfully, we opted to look at Ireby. Water going down entrance as we descended. Very wet so needed handline above 4th pitch. Even wetter coming out & considerable torrent going down entrance. Changed in cabins of cranes & portaloo at water works site as it was still pouring.


October 18th     Thistle / Duce Hole revisited

Martin, Dave E, Russ
Had a look at Thistle just in case something had happened, it hadn't. Only accessible part is crawl in mud as last dug, looks hard work so enthusiasm waned.

Martin & Dave went to look at the damage following recent floods. Very clean all through & all silt traps intact but full. Hole at end of final climb 3' deep by 9" and leads off along rift at bottom, full of water at present. Emptied large silt trap on first railway line and felt knackered.


October 31st     Short Drop & Gavel

Large Team: Martin, Russ, John A, Stuart, Clive, Gobmike, Dave E
Had permit for Lost Johns but CNCC booking cock-up meant another large team from Birmingham also had permission & got up first. Did Short Drop & Gavel instead & looked at first part of Long Drop. Long Drop is tight, filthy, but could be worth a visit as it appears to get big in the rift. Had a good pint of Thwaites in Golden Lion in Settle, also local scenery interesting, they've probably nowhere else to go in Settle.


November 20th-22nd     P8 & Giants

Martin, Russ, Dave Epton, John & Cath Addison, + hundreds from chelsea
Decided to introduced chelsea into some real Derbyshire Caving and managed to enlist the help of Martin, Russ and Dave for which I am gratefull.
A good wet warm up down P8 followed by the Pub and then Giants proved to be a good sporting with quite a bit of water.


November 22nd     Knotlow & Hillocks

To-day Sunday will hopefully see a Knotlow, Hillocks exchange with one or two going out of the engine shaft.
Weather wise it was not too good but I am sure an enjoyable time was had by all.
John Addison


December 7th     Thorncliffe Mine

D Muir, (J Cooper, George? Russell Society)
An invited trip down a recently opened mine at Claver. The purpose of this trip was to survey for photographic trip in new year.

Dug out entrance above collapsed adit through shale then solid limestone first 100' gooley deep water for those with short legs. After approx 3000 ft cross cut out at bottom of shaft est. 200'. Left hand passage leads down decline to collapsed false floor which it is possible to bridge across, this leads to sumped up level but access to lower level coming back under collapse, the workings are worked out in flats.

Right hand level approx 100' then steep rubble slop up to stopes and possible flat workings need agile climbers to bring hand line. Straight ahead 500' to another cross cut. Left hand eventually sumps 150'. Right hand leads to very high stopes approx 100'-150' and across flooded shaft passage sumps. Possible way on at higher level, but need rock hound to fix ladders. Worth a visit when findings are publised.


December 28th     Valley Entrance

Martin, John A
Too much snow.

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