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January 1st     New Years Day

Early to rise to the sound of Cheg complete with bucket and mop kneeling in prayer as he cleaned the lounge floor. After several hard hours work we left the cottage as we had found it a week previously and set out to say our goodbye's in Doolin.

At O'Connor we were given a free round by the owner, but after this was over with we decided to take one for the road and after several such pints left at about six pm somewhat the worse for our beverages. Gren decided that under the circumstances he would stay on for another few days so after taking his rucsac we said farewell to him.

After several stops and one puncture and the leader giving way to the ones from co-driver we decide that the only thing we would be able to do was to wave good bye  as the boat left Rosslaire but alas when we arrived we found that the boat had sailed an hour previous. The time being nearly midnight we decided to make towards Dublin with the hope for some of catching a ferry in the morrow. We stopped by the side of the road early in the morning to take some kip.

To some missing the ferry proved quite an hilarious occasion but to others they did not think such a situation because they were supposed to be at work on Monday morning.

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book

Alas it was time to go spent the morning tidying up. All retired to a last session at Gussies and after fond farewells had been said to the girls we got down to some serious drinking. In fact we got so drunk and the atmosphere was so good and didn't leave till it was too late and missed the boat at Rosslare. by about ½ hr. We had already driven some 170mile but we carried on halfway to Dublin that night.



January 2nd

After a few hours kip we continued on the road to Dublin but without breakfast.
Dun Laoghaire enquiries produced a solution to our problem, this was to be the 8.45pm ferry and so everyone were happy that we may soon be back in England.

We left Dun Laoghaire and made for Dublin and found a place to take a late breakfast and then a look around the town because the bars are closed between 2 and 4 of a Sunday afternoon.

At 4 o'clock we made entrance into a bar near the dock. The idea was to have a drink and pass time before leaving the vehicles in the hands of the dockers. Soon we were disturbed by the door bursting open and the entrance of someone we had met in Doolin. Unfortunately due to the effects of a cocktail party he was somewhat well oiled let alone his girlfriend and it was to our suprise that the barman did not evict us all.

We left the bar at 6pm and left the vehicles on the dock and made several abortive attempts to reach England by phone, we then found another bar for a last drink in Ireland and then some chips and onto the boat for England.
On board most of us were soon stretched out an deck catching up on lost sleep. Some tho still found the energy to find the bar and then were taken on a conducted tour of the engine room.

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book

Reached Dublin and arranged a lift on the mailboat, then spent the day looking round the city. Went to a back street bar and were later arranged when John (Kathy Whyte's bloke) suddenly burst in with a shout of "Youse English Bastards" - More drinking followed, and it wouldn't have taken much to miss that boat as well!

January 3rd

Early morning mooring at Heysham but a wait for the vehicles to be unloaded. While we waited we found time for a breakfast in a first class restaurant.

By six AM we were on the road home, with a stop on the Motorway for another taste of grease and a cup of tea. By eight telephone calls were made to apologise to employers and so on for home.

The party split after leaving the motorway after a wrong turning was taken. We arrived home at nearly twelve o'clock after a long drive through all types of weather.

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book

Arrived in Lancashire, drove to Notts and motorcycled back to Newtown.
So ended a fabulous trip.
Footnote:  The scenery, people and caves of Clare are almost too good to be true. The atmosphere at O'Conners with the local musicians is so real and spontaneous it is impossible to forget.. At all times there is continual traditional music matched only by the hospitality and kindness of the local people. All this surrounded by the unrivalled scenery of  The Burren, Cliffs of Moher, Arran Isles etc makes the caving area the finest in Britain if not anywhere. And Dublin birds are tremendous.

David Gough & ARJ

January 15th-16th     Hollandtwine

Present:  Cheg Chester, Paul Thompson, Wopter, Sulo & Pete Webb.

Acting on previous decisions (arrived at by sleeping till midday) we eventually left the hut at about 4.00 pm. having placed the order for 1½ crates of Newcastle Brown with Terry & Barbara & Lummax who were active in Buxton at the time. Surface conditions helped force the party underground by 5.00pm, with an eta back at the hut for 1.00 am. Two shovels, one trenching tool, lump hammer, chisels accompanied the intrepid explorers with the intention of aiding a dig at the end of the original stream passage but which was blocked by a band of silt and an even earlier roof fall. After coffee the party split only to rejoin shortly afterwards when a scientific experiment proved camera flashes do not operate well under cave conditions. (underwater maybe?)

A decision was made to dig under the fall, into the fall to attempt to follow a stream (trickle being a more operative description) which at some time deposited crystal pools beneath the fallen rocks in the final chamber. After an hour the decision was reversed and a start was made backfilling the hole previously made in the floor and extending a 3' square hole into the silt wall in front. It became damp, then very hard (previously soft and dry clay), and as the roof resembled a fractured bedding plane the question was for how long  would we dig our own cave. The prior was reversed yet again, and some x cubic ft of trodden crap was dug from the previous hole beneath our feet. Eventually after tempers frayed with deteriorating conditions, trenching tool and lump hammer broken, spike lost, found BSA caving fester mode, a hole was made large enough to enter Cheg, a large boulder needed removal but no slings were available at this point. Paul & Sulo left for a cold shower in the aven & preparations for dinner were stated. We returned to the restaurant dining on coffee and soup. We warmed ourselves inwardly with food & outwardly with Cheg's Mescafe Joffee which was so evil 'twere poured on boots and claimed as antifreeze for feet. Time midnight so the return was planned, bringing out cameras and rubbish, where the two didn't overlap. DL lifelined Cheg and Paul to follow at a very weary pace up the last 75' & to die on the grating. We all emerged by 1.15 & returned to hut for sustinance and food. Stirling Toss of the Finnish variety kept Barbara awake, a disgusting exhibition of bawdy boasting. 

midday: Visited the vaults of the Stags.

Found Ivor on the tops re Hazard drot future. Hunted Wallace Fletcher who we ran to earth back at his house?!?! His wife and children displayed, we were not surprised why he spent so much time playing with himself at Hazard tip. His wife is reputed to have broken settee springs and his children eaten goldfish. The eldest daughter is now betrothed to Cheg due to her outstanding beautis, the former inheriting the well preserve mansion. This should be enough for tourists on its public opening to draw them from the show caves for miles around.

As for the reason for the trip, Wallace FR. put minds at ease by saying that the spoil had been levelled by order & He'd only finished until spring. Then he promised he'd use a drag line to recover the climbing shaft from under 20' of rubble.

Evening: Made social calls to rooms close to bars in the Devonshire Arms & Three Stags where BSA scum invaded shortly before closing time.

Pete Webb (RA)

January 22nd     Hollandtwine

Those present at the time of story. Paul Thompson, Sulo Sulonen, Dave Lucas, Cheg Chester, Victor Holland, Peter Webb, Dave Gough.

Although the intrepid explorers had talked of making an early morning descent when I arrived at 3 o'clock in the afternoon they were just preparing their fine bodies for fitment of wet suits etc.

The last of the intrepid explorers arrived some time after it had been decided upon to send me down to the Stags for a good supply of N B bottled beverage.

The first explorers left soon after Sulo arrived at nearly 4 o'clock and myself and Sulo followed later to find the descent still in progress. By the time all had passed into the depth of Hollentwine dusk had fallen so one must assume that this was a normal practice of the intrepid men.

Before anyone laid any part of their body to the tools lying around a brew of coffee was perpetrated and was well under way when the last of the party arrived at base camp. After several spurts of verbal energy we decided to take to the fate of work. Myself and Victor left the rest of the team to recover a ladder left on an earlier trip into the system, also we took a look at a possible photographic expedition next week.

We soon rejoined the rest of the team to find Cheg covered in a somewhat simalar substance to shit, namely mud and Paul Thompson just showing his feet from the bath which Cheg had been first victim. Pete had done a very crafty trick and turned his wet suit back into kit form and thus decided he had no intention of taking a bath like everyone else.

By the time everyone had had a initiation in the bath and a few minutes soaking they decided it was quite enough for one day. Cheg had a second look before Victor first, but soon returned with an eye and half his face covered in mud. Victor not to be out done decided that the only way he could work was to place his face straight into the mud and soon emerged with eyes closed and looking somewhat  mud tanned.

So as I took my initiation the others started back to base camp for another brew of coffee before returning to the surface to recover the evening beverages and a slide show of  The Thompson - Sulo Irish photographic expedition. All retired to bed about three o'clock to get the beauty from the evening initiation in mud.



January 30th Sunday     P.8.

Novices Meet. 

Those present. Alan Eaves, Tony Jarratt, Victor Holland, Dave Gough, Sulo Sulonen, Dereck Tipping.

Novices R.Gortrage, D.Nelson, J.Nelson, E.Bateman.

The party left the Hut at 12 o'clock by Landrover for the P.8 car park. Everyone fully kitted in wet suit if possible, if not they made do with fertilizer bags cut to Victors patent. we set out through the North Derbyshire snow to P8 entrance.

Very little water flowing down the entrance pitch but full of pretties (ice stalactites and flow etc) A slow trip down to the first pitch with the novices stepping across the pools en route. The novices were all life lined and allowed to cool down on the ladder. Out of the pool at the bottom of the waterfall and onto the next pitch and a clumsy trip down for some. The way to the sump was through mud hall with the idea of a return via the tighter route, but some turned back at the sight of the first narrow passage and returned by the way they had come.

A slow but fair climb back to the waterfall pitch but this was soon spoiled by the larger one getting rather lost in his movements at the top of the waterfall pitch. The others made a brave assault on the pitch and made a fair climb with the assistance of a life line myself Sulo and Alan. A slow return to daylight and an exit by about 3.30 pm.

To say we had 4 novices and six experts a three hour return trip should be considered as reasonable. Three of the novices proved to have a fair crack at the game, but a 14 stone elephant with no sense in his feet or hand is not the best object to try and manoeuvre on the waterfall pitch.

David Gough

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book        2½hrs
Novice trip for 4 lads. All enjoyed it to varying degrees despite much ice, snow and water. I helped a couple of Orpheus kids out who looked a bit distressed. Good, pleasent trip. No obvious sign of diving line in the sump.


February 12th Saturday     Hollandtwine Mine

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book        4¾hrs
John Savage, Paul, Sulo, Spud, Vic.
Digging trip to upper passage. Dig consists of flat out bedding plane half full of mud. The way on can be seen for c.30' but needs the floor digging out. Put some fluoroseen in the stream and erected 2GAS ST" and "FOOTPATH CLOSED" signs in the 380' level.


February 27th Sunday     Hollandtwine Mine

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    3hrs
John (Savage), Paul, Rat Arse.

Paul and Tony put a load of fluoroseen in the stream at 12 am, then John and Tony went up the climbing shaft (roughly measured to c.110') and lit four smoke pellets. No sign of smoke on the surface and, as yet no sign of dye a Peak Cavern. [NB later dye found in Ink Sump area of Peak Cavern.


March 11th Saturday     Peak Dale


From Tony Jarratt's Log Book

Quarry Tunnel
Paul, Sulo, Rat Arse

Sulo photographed the pretties thence to the Midland Hotel where we got pissed of our skull on draught barley wine.


March 12th Sunday     Hollandtwine Mine

From Tony Jarratts Log Book    2½hrs
Paul, George Cooper (EPC)

{Dye test pointing to Ink Sump] Trip mainly a tourist trip for George, who was duly impressed. Had a swift look at "Dysentery" Dig which was full of water and decided to return another day. Thence to Peak Dale to watch TPU pumping out Peak Dale Cave.


March 18th Saturday     Hollandtwine Mine

From Tony Jarratts Log Book    4¾hrs
Vic, Paul, Sulo, Rat Arse.
Surface Harold Lord & Sarah, Dave etc
Sulo and Tony took radio location gear to the top of the climbing shaft which Harold Lord detected from the surface. Vic and Tony went to Dysentery Dig and after bailing all of the water into the polythene sheet I went in and dug. After digging c.10' in 8" deep liquid mud I managed to squeeze along into a clean passage, slightly descending and with a draught - small stals on the roof and noise of trickling water further on. It seemed to be getting too tight and just then my light went out so I retreated and we both went out. Further progress will need more mud clearing and bailing. [Sunday vain surface digging to locate climbing shaft]


April 15th     Hollandtwine Mine

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    5½hrs
Paul, Jon, Sulo, Al Wicks

After having tasted the pleasures of the muddy crawl we attacked the boulders blocking our way on. After much hard work they were shifted and Jon squeezed through towards the sound of the stream. He entered a loose chamber some 30' long in which a fairly large stream sank in loose rocks and rubble on the floor. The whole chamber, in fact was composed of boulders and clatch and was somewhat unhealthy. We tried to excavate the floor but this will take a lot of hard work and will be dangerous. Our hopes of running along miles of huge stream passage were shattered (and to add insult to injury we had bet a gallon of ale that Eldon wouldn't find as much passage in their dig as us  - they did!) On the way back I looked at the inlet passage - which may go with a bit of determination. Good night in "Stags".



April 30th     Knotlow Mine

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    2hrs 20 m
P.Watkinson, B.Parker, Ratarse, Paul, Steve, Laurence, Hairy John, Dave, Al, Shag, Gough Bros, Spud, Sulo, Vic the Wop.

Cave rescue practice from bottom of Waterfall Pitch. No real problems (Good DCRO meeting and stomp on Saturday)




June 4th  Sunday     Lamb Rescue

P.Thompson, Pat Adlington, A. Eaves.

Report to Eldon Lane End farm by a wandering lone caver of a shhep or lamb down 40 ft mine shaft to left of the Eldon hill Connies dale dividing wall.
Shaft descended first by A Eaves, lamb running off along the level and jumping down a 12 ft pitch. Paul arrived and lamb descended a further 10 ft pitch. and set off along lower level. Arrival of Eldon Club members (George C) Lamb caught secured in George's rucksack and hauled to surface unharmed.

A. Eaves

Note:- Notice at Entrance field Dr Jacksons Pot:- "Witch may be obtained at Tor Farm 100 yds" Fee for entering field, even to view entrance 5p.

June 11th  Sunday     Dr Jacksons Pot

Present:- Spud, Vic Holland, John the Fuzz, A. Eaves + Party of five cavers Club unknown.

Party of five + Vic (the only member of Pegasus likely to get through at first attempt) Moved on through the tight portion, whilst Spud after an attempt at Yoga made his way back to the entrance. John having decided the entrance was tight retired to the car whilst A Eaves with the help of Spud suceeded in diverting a 4 yard section of the inlet stream.

A Eaves

Vic to elaborate!!:-

July 8th Saturday     Various

Combined parties discussed tactics at Wardlow Mires and made a decision before 3pm. John, Dave and Steve visited the Carlswalk Master Cave while Thomo, Lu, Carse and PR Webb Esq found an entrance to Calver Sough (since proved to be Red Rake Mine adit) Thomo and P Webb investigated the first fall at 10 yards from the entrance. They dug and retreated for fear of their skins to find a conical lined shaft immediately above the fall, a depth of about 12'. Resumed digging and finally entered the sough (adit). After 100 - 150' wading in red water between knee and ankle depth, the dynamic duo (Mr Lucas was resting across the front seats, not suffering from the afore mentioned planning session, but preparing for the mega trip anticipated. Passage finally reached solid rock, much coloured flowstone, one or two off shoots blocked with deads. A large collapse was met after about 250' total, where a shale band dipped across the passage. Railway lines had been used in an attempt to prevent falls previously occurring. It was since discovered that two large collapses had appeared in the road above several years previously and concrete, iron and rubble had been tipped into the cavity. The actual sough is 80' below this level and can be entered by the pumping shaft of the Bleaklow Mining Co. 3-4' water is at the bottom of shaft, and a steady flow exists in all seasons.

Rat Arse

July 9th Sunday     Fresher trip  P8

A. Eaves, John, Steve, Dave, 2 newcombers, Sulo, + PR. Webb.

Sad demise of two lights made the trip more interesting and exploration in the sumps without lights or gear proved the long expected connection between P8 and Lost Johns with one free diveable sump to pass at the top of the second pitch.

Rat Arse

July 15th - 16th     Haymaking

Paul & Pete made hay while sun shone on Friday afternoon, Dave & Jenny helping later.

Saturday 6am feeling like death and dressed accordingly Paul, J.Rat, Sulo and RA dressed accordingly and set of for wedding of Dick Pike in Lytham (nr. Blackpool)


Paul Thompson, Sulo Sulonen and Pete Webb escape haymaking to attend Dick Pyke's wedding.


The rest, John & Jena, Steve , Dave & Jenny, Andy , Dave G and Wop  made hay.

August 5th Sunday     Carlswark

Those present - P.Herod, A.Steans and L. Revill.

The cave was entered via Eyam Dale Shaft which only contained 1 ladder when we arrived. We also laddered the pitch and used a double life - line (to keep in good books with Vic).

[At this point it is only fair to say that the lifelining was carried out with extreme efficiency and skill by young master Laurence (Although the ladder was left hanging 8 ft short)]  Al.

However when all of us were congregated at the foot of the ladder we decided, after great deliberation to enter a crawl behind the ladder this led to a chamber that had many exits all of which were either blocked or became too tight. We returned to the foot of the shaft which by this time had been laddered once more. The small space was also occupied by a member of another party who kindly directed us to the way on.

[At this stage under the supreme navigating skill of Al, minus a light, the titanic trio set of upon a long muddy tight and abortive crawl, in which the author (i.e. Al) got stuck. Paul under extreme psychological stress at this time was persuaded to continue until we finally admitted we had gone the wrong way, still I put it down to experience.]

During many diversions due to Alans assumptions as to the way on we finally reached the rift and proceeded to the escape entrance. Here we admired the abortive attempts of a member of the G.M.C.C. to scale the cliff face. We then proceeded to the lower entrance and regained the inner reaches of the mountain.

We reached the sump without much difficulty and Alan in his infinite wisdom scaled the rocks above again with no light (sorry Vic)

However he continued too far in the darkness and soon realised this when Paul and I reached him. The rift was already laddered and being used by another party. They allowed us up their ladder and kindly lifelined us. We then left by the escape entrance once more.

L Revill

August 12th Saturday     P8 Digging Expedition. Top of Christmas Aven


Those present:- Lawrence Revill, Victor L. ? Holland, Dave Nelson, John Nelson, Paul Herrod.


On entering the cave at about 12-30 Vic led the way to ladder the waterfall pitch from the roof. Whilst Vic attempted his brainstorm Lawrence decided to fall down idiots leap, but on reaching the waterfall pitch found that his finger had got a throb on so returned to surface.

Meanwhile at Christmas Aven three digs were found, one was inaccessible because a ladder is required, another is very tight and difficult, and a side passage where an attempted dig was made was found to be a worthwhile dig. Possibly another day will produce more effort and enthusiasm. Brain as well as shovels obviously required here for future success.              4/10  effort

Written by Dave Gough.   Told by Lawrence Revill & John Nelson


Meanwhile the active section of the Pegasus Caving Club, Sulo, Aileen & RA scanned further reaches for even more difficult caves to conquer. This search involved background information gathering from locals and a trip to Buxton, to tea with George C & W.Shitehouse outcome of which to be described next w/e (read the next exciting instalment obtainable weekly from your local chemist. Investigated Harry Becca fluorspar mine (near Longstone Edge) but were restricted to a token visit by lack of trained glowworms.


Rat Arse


August 13th Sunday     P7+1


Vic & collection of toilet cleaners financed Watson for his next pub visit.

Once again the most active, versatile, handsome & debonair explorers attempted the impossible. Arising at 9 am (for natural reasons admittedly) the dynamic duo SS & RA delved into the nether regions of P7+1 on an epic concerted dangerous  & foolhardy some may say photographic trip. This lasted for 4½ hours, perish the soul who said PCC didn't go underground. Such action photos as balancing on one's big toe, dismantling a diving valve and emasculating down the pitch to the disgust and degradation of the rest of the people of the god Amiles "fuckin shits" re. the Boatswain Cobbett & followers previously.

To finalise the day, crystal hunting in Backdale adit with hammer & chisel was performed by the club's engineers, mechanical and mining, BSc qualified no less.


Written by Rat Arse. Corrected S.S (and he used a whip)

August 26th - 28th     Knotlow

Pegarsus Representative at the Great Knotlow Pump in, Mr Jayrat writes:

Bottom of 210' engine shaft pumped out with two 7" pumps revealing (as Cheg said) bottom at 18' and a short coffin level.
Beyond the shaft some 2-300' of workings were drained revealing 2 mine waggons , several hammers , chisels and an axe head and  - TWO RAG & CHAIN PUMPS with hollowed out wooden pipes.

All the aforementioned clatch was removed to the surface for display at forthcoming BSA conference.


A fantastic session    T Jarratt

September30th     Hazard Mine

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    50mins
Surface: Paul, Tokyo Paul, Lawrence, Steve

I descended the shaft (of impressive dimensions) to 210' level where I managed to swing into one of the levels. This was blocked by a collapse after 30' the level on the other side of the stope was too hairy to enter but also appears to be blocked

September 30th     Dr Jacksons

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    2¾hrs
Steve, Laurence.

Aim to dive terminal sump. Laurence stopped at the vertical squeeze and Steve and I carried on to the head of the first pitch. We had no ladder so I free climbed the pitch and looked at practically everything below but couldn't find the sump. An eveil place - tight and shitty.

October 8th     Dr Jacksons Shithole

After sherparing diving gear in on two trips the previous weekend AJ and Steve carried it to the sump and AJ dived.


The sump went straight down for 10' and then silted with no possible outlet. The far side of the sump was squeezed into without gear but appeared to do the same.


October 26th     Pont Newydd Rising, Denbighshire

Support Terry Wright & Bra. Diver JRat.

The resurgence is at the side of the temporarily dry Afon Alyn (River Alun in the White Man's Tongue) A squeeze through an iron grille leads after 15' of passage to an 8' deep sump pool. AJ dived along a 2' square passage for.50' to a 4' diameter airbell with 40' of dry passage leading off. Aural connection established to both sump pool and surface above the entrance. The main way on underwater was left for another day but going strong 6-8' diameter.
Also looked at Devils Bridge Spar Mine, Leet Caves etc.

A Jarratt


October 26th     Parc Mine Llanrust, Caernarvonshire?

Terry and JRat walked for several miles through stonking great levels.

A Jarratt

October 28th     Thistle Pot. Hollandtwine Mine

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    4hrs

M.Durdy, Jeff, G.Parkin (EPL) Steve Watson, Andrew (PC).

Tourist trip down "Grolly" for Eldon. They seem to have enjoyed everything - especially Dysentry Crawl!
Paul, Sulo and Pete Moody put a lid on the Thistle Pot Dig _ a 45' pot/rift.

October 29th     Hillcarr Sough

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    4hrs
Laurence Hurt, Dave Epton (NMRC). Paul, Andrew, Steve (PC)

The sough is in the region of 7 miles long, including branches, Dave & Lawrence had pushed it , over 6 - 7 yrs, for a distance of 1¼ miles. The air is extremely bad - mainly methane CO2 and sulphuratted hydrogen etc.. Bottles are taken in a canoe so that an occasional breath of fresh air can be taken to revive oneself. Breathing gets difficult, dizziness and headache occur and it gets difficult to think clearly. At the 1¼ mark all except myself & Laurence had returned to the entrance. We continued working at the collapse here and after lowering the water level some 18" pushed on in neck deep water for a further 400 - 500 yds. At this point there was a mere 1' of airspace and we were freezing so we returned to grass. The Thornhill Sough junction must be very close. A damn good but exhausting trip. Sough began in 1766 - driven 3,000' in shale by 1769 (date on wall) and took 21 yrs to complete.



November 9th     Parys Mountain Copper Mines, Amlwuch Anglesey

J Rat and F Sheperd.

Festered round the vast , weird opencast during a force 9 gale & got piss wet through.

November 11th     Thistle Pot

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book        1hr

Chris Coles, Steve, Andrew, Paul.
Much digging and shelter building done in stinking weather.

November 12th     Thistle Pot

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book        1hr

Chris Coles, Steve, Andrew, Paul

More digging and boulder removing - in worse weather!

November 12th     Giants Hole Rescue

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    4½hrs

Andrew, Paul, DCRO personel, Al Steans, Chuck (Victim) 

Tokyo Paul arrived at the hut to say that Al Steans and Chuck Barnaby were 1½ hrs overdue. The three of us went down, Paul stayed at the head of Garlands Pot - which looked like Niagara Falls due to extremely high water. Andy and I continued and met Al halfway down Crabwalk. He shouted " Leave me & get to Chuck" We carried on and found him wedged in "The Vice" with only his head above rising water. As we tried to get him out the water backed up behind us and flowed over his head. I pushed him and he was swept back down the passage where he stopped at the head of an 8' pitch. Andy and I managed to drag him back into an alcove where he was to stay for several hours. Andy went back to call the rescue team while I stayed with Chuck and vainly attempted to cut his exposure suit to release the water inside. He was too exhausted to move. After about 1½ hrs Dave Draper appeared with a flask of coffee. Another bloke was behind but soon went! I then left Dave and Chuck and pushed back upstream - "my" (Ratarse!) wet suit trousers being torn off by the water in the process! Allsop couldn't get through the Vice so I returned to Dave with the exposure suit and then carried on out of the amongst a horde of INCOMPETENTS. Luckily the Eldon lads were coming in. Without these blokes the victim would probably be dead. He was eventually brought out at 6.30 am on Monday - luckily alive.

November 26th     Thistle Pot

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    

Pleasant afternoon at Thistle Pot tidying up dig site and enlarging shed entrance etc.

December 26th     Cullaun  N.W Clare

From Tony Jarratt's Log Book    3hrs

Jim Shannon, Vic, Paul.

In via 5 entrance and under 5b to the terminal sump. Interesting system with good possibilities.

A great Xmas.

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