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About The Pegasus

The Pegasus Club Nottingham comprises a group of active, strong minded, driven individuals with a common passion for adventure and outdoor exploration both underground and above ground.

At the club’s inception in the 1950’s and up until the 1980’s The Pegasus Club was not exclusively a caving club. There was a very keen climbing and mountaineering section. Some members were cyclists.

The caving section did not confine itself to the well-known and established caving experiences that existed in the early days but were passionate about pushing the boundaries and extending knowledge in the search for new caves and in the extension of already known cave systems. In the process the club employed a variety of means and achieved much.

The Pegasus Club members were and still are extremely adaptable and shared a skills base which encompassed cave and open water diving, surveying, civil engineering, mining and archaeology together with a determination to succeed. Where a skill did not exist within the group a way was found to learn it.

This enduring passion for caving knowledge and adventure has resulted in successes not just in the United Kingdom but in a myriad of countries throughout the World; France, Spain, Turkey and Panama to name but a few. Of particular note is the Clubs forty odd year relationship with County Clare, Ireland.

The quest for caves has resulted in many significant discoveries and a little fame. From The Gouffre Berger Expeditions in France in 1964 & 1967 which brought an early taste of notoriety to the club in the media to the more recent Carsington Pasture Cave dig in Derbyshire in 2002 featured on the Time Team television production. Carsington Pasture Cave remains an important national prehistoric archaeological site. There have been many exciting ventures in between.


"The Pegasus is a group of individuals not allied by superficial threads of club subscription; once invited to the Pegasus one is forever a member. 

The Pegasus has never allowed itself to descend into the vacuous world of access politics dominated by the voluble and inactive, preferring to deal with landowners direct; ultimately to savour the fruits of such closely developed mutually beneficial and respectful associations.

The Pegasus makes clear to all that no internal politics will occur; very likely the simple reason for its continued success without strife."

P.C. 2016

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