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Jarratts Joint


Townland :-

Area :-

County :-

I.N.G.R. :-

I.T.M. :-

Altitude :-

Length :-

Depth :-


Glenaruin River


M 1335 x 0260

513340 x 702650

210 metres

5 Metres

1 Metre


Discovered while CC and PC were searching the area for the recorded resurgence of Pouldubh; thought to be B4. An interesting erosion formation of a stream sink that consumes a significant amount of the normally small Glenaruin River. Two digging trips exposed an immature rift  in the process of development; immediate prospects for further passage are poor.

So named after a unique individual, and much regarded member of the Pegasus. 


Some two hundred metres downstream from Blakes Bridge. 


A rift like opening has formed at the geological horizon between the shale overburden and virtually horizontally lain limestone bedrock. 


Blakes Bridge


I.T.M.     513522 x 702630

N.G.R.    M 1355 x 702630

Jarratts Joint note stream disapearing left.JPG
Jarratts Joint.JPG
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