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Ode to Bill McGuinness

This is the tale of Bill Mc. G., 
A caver just like you or me, 
A bloke who nearly copped his lot,
while caving down the famed Barpot. 
The accident happened the other week,
while using single rope technique. 
3 cavers abseiled from the top, 
leaving William with the Wop. 
Now Bar is full of nasty bits,
the type that give cavers the shits. 
The first pitch is such alright,
the entrance being extremely tight. 
But Bill approached with gay abandon,
not knowing what he'd finally land on. 
His descent followed like a farce,
eventually landing on his arse. 
The poor chap never had a hope,
he'd clean forgot to use the rope. 
But now the story gets much sadder,
for Bill was actually using ladder, 
And as we know things turn out fine,
if you always use a line. 
You might think Bill's a lucky bloke, 
after all it's only his leg that’s broke. 
But then it's not a laughing matter,
for flesh and bone on rock to shatter. 
But now Bill has time to contemplate,
on what might have been a nasty fate, 
as he lies inert, his leg all plastered,
thinking aren't I just a silly bastard.
The moral is as you all know it, 
Al Steans
Date of incident April 19th 1975
Appeared in "Newsletter Volume 1, No1, June 1975"


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