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The 50th Anniversary Reunion 2002

This epic get together was held at the Horse & Groom at Basford and was undoubtedly one of the best gatherings in the history of the Club. A founder member of the club, Ken Allen, gave us details and a photograph of the inaugural meeting of the Pegasus Club Nottingham, held at the Generous Briton public house on Alfreton Road. (Now a Chinese Restaurant 2019).

A collection of photographs spanning The Clubs 50 years history, and being sourced from many people were projected onto a large screen using the wonders of modern technology. Alan Steans gave a description of the dig at Carsington Pasture Cave where human remains were found and later became the subject of a “Time Team” episode.

A video by David Gough and one by Kay Wills, plus a selection of her photographs can be seen by following the links below.


From memory, and looking at the videos and photographs, I have tried to compile a list of people who attended but I am sure it is not complete, If you can assist in updating the list please let me know.

Alan & Patricia Eaves, Cheg & Aileen Chester, Alan & Sue Harrison, Andy Walchester, Arron Smith, Terry & Barbara Wright, Barrie & Janet Parker, Barry & Ceily Sudell, Bob & Jenny Dakin, Bob Proctor, Dave Epton, Dave & Jenny Lucas, Dave Walker, David Gough, Gerald & Mary Chester, Jack Dempster, James Cobbett, John Addison, John Cooper, Paul & Judith Thompson, Kay Wills,Ken Allen, Lee Hollis, Malc Debbage, Malc Scothon, Martin & Sue Bishop, Melvin Batchford, Mick & Sue Cast, Pat & Pauline Cronin, Pete Watkinson, Ruth King, Tony & Ruth Marshall, Stuart McManus, Victor Holland, Darren Hind & Nigel Burns.

Cheg Chester 2019

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