Photographic Record Of Irish Mine Sites


Over the past five decades The Pegasus have researched, explored and recorded mining heritage throughout Ireland. Photography is a specific, distinct method of conveying myriad surface and underground engineering achievements and the often frail, deteriorating personal items left behind by the miners. 

Issues surrounding successful illumination were once ever constant, not only ensuring the flash guns worked after an often lengthy, wet inward trip, but their ability to function throughout the project. Frustration experienced from condensation having formed within camera equipment following transportation through significant temperature differences would often result, at best, with time lost resolving the issue; at worst abandoning the project.

What may, initially be considered a reasonable trip by the photographer, could often be overshadowed by a creeping doubt; anxiety creating an unwelcome post-mortem later on in the bar as the evening progressed; whether the placing of the flash guns and/or choice of aperture were really enough to achieve “The Shot”? 

As such doubts persisted, tentative plans could be prepared to return if the resultant images were poor; genuine concern voiced whilst the exposed film was sent off for development. Only with its return could the images be critically assessed. If one, just one, image of the many submitted was successful, then and only then could the photographer be seen to relax; remarking, “That’s a good ‘un”.

Modern technology now allows the photographer the opportunity to immediately review the image just taken; exponentially increasing the chances of a successful project.

Sincere thanks are due to The Pegasus Members and Associates for permitting their cherished images to be displayed herein. Pleased be advised that ALL images are the copyright of the owner, as shown within the associated information tag.

This is an ongoing project and more counties will be covered as time permits


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