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North Staffs Mining Club
Exploration Reports

The North Staffs Mining Club was formed during the mid 1960's and consisted of a group of people from the Stoke-on-Trent area interested in the exploration of abandoned metalliferous mines, mainly in Derbyshire, centred around Winster & Elton. In the early years some exploration was also conducted in Staffordshire at Ecton Copper Mines.

Initial exploration was conducted using conventional ropes and electron ladders until circa 1974 when a petrol engine powered man riding winch was constructed which greatly increased their ability to explore shafts up to 400ft. in depth.

Members of the Club were Pete Forster, Alan Steele, Peter Swindells, Derek Heald, Mark Wilson & Tim Hargreaves.

In the early 1990's the North Staffs Mining Club joined forces with the Pegasus Mining section and worked as a team on numerous projects, mainly in the Elton and Winster area, also with trips to Cumbria, Wales and Ireland.


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