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Pete Forster's Logbook
'Notes on Lead Mines'



When articles are submitted to the Pegasus Website for possible inclusion occasionally a real ‘Gem’ turns-up and the following is certainly considered to be in that category.

A personal 60 page ‘Log book’, 9” x 7” in size, compiled over a period of years during the late 1960’s and early 70’s by Pete Forster of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire who was a founder member of the ‘North Staffs Mining Club’ and took-up the exploration of abandoned mines in the mid-1960’s, in predominantly Derbyshire and Staffordshire.

Each page displays various written information and annotated hand-coloured sketches such as, surface positions of mine shafts, associated buildings, direction of underground workings (Rakes); along with cross-sectional drawings of the direction of underground passages and water courses.

The records are of particular historical interest as some of the surface workings most probably no longer visibly exist and the mines beneath not re-explored since Pete Forster made his guidance notes about them over 50 years ago.

Therefore, this article not only makes fascinating reading but should also be of immense interest to anyone researching old mine workings in these particular county areas.

The front-cover of the ‘Log’ and the 60 individual pages are reproduced as they appear along with a preceding title and an occasional brief descriptive caption which has been added by the Pegasus Website editor to aid location of the sites.


Logbook Front Cover

pfb 1.JPG


Page 1
Odin Mine, Castleton


NGR  SK 13295 83460

pfb 2.JPG


Page 2

Water Grove Sough

The 40 foot pitch is known as 'Well Shaft' situated at NGR SK 20926 75923

pfb 3.JPG


Page 3

Chadwick Engine Shaft, Ecton


Page 4

Ecton Copper Mines Surface Plan


This should be viewed as two separate surface plans, 'Hamnook Area' and 'Goodhope Area'

pfb 5.JPG


Page 5

New Shaft On Dutchman


Refers to 'Climbing Shaft 20' dangerous unstable ginging' shown on page 4

pfb 6.JPG


Page 6

2nd Exploration of Dutchman ( New Entrance )

pfb 7.JPG


Page 7

Ecton Copper Mines Surface Plan

pfb 8.JPG


Page 8

Wakebridge Mine, Crich, 1st Trip

pfb 9.JPG


Page 9

Carsington Pastures Surface Plan

pfb 10.JPG


Page 10

Remains of Cornish Engine House (Bob Wall ) Old End Mine Crich

pfb 11.JPG


Page 11

Soughs Adjacent To River Derwent, Matlock to Cromford Area

pfb 12.JPG


Page 12

Wakebridge Mine Area Surface Plan, Crich

pfb 13.JPG


Page 13

Bacchus Pipe Shaft & Wakebridge Mine

pfb 14.JPG


Page 14

Bacchus Pipe Shaft & Wakebridge Mine Underground Survey

pfb 15.JPG


Page 15

Slayley Adit, Dunsley Spring Level & Bonsall Leys Level

pfb 16.JPG


Page 16

Mixon Copper Mine

Situated near Onecote, Staffordshire Moorlands.  NGR SK 04595 57461

pfb 17.JPG


Page 17

Mixon Copper Mine Area Surface Plan

pfb 18.JPG


Page 18

10 to 100 Mine, Northern Dale


10 to 100 refers to the depths of the two shafts, it's original name is not known.

Northern Dale area is centred at SK 2692 6048 in Wensley & Snitterton Parish.

A conversation with Doug Nash of Op Mole resulted in the exploration of this mine.

pfb 19.JPG


Page 19

Old Millclose Mine

At the time of this descent the powered winch was still under construction but the cable had

been purchased. The illustration shows how the cable was rigged to allow a straight

descent down the shaft by driving the Land Rover up and down the track.

pfb 20.JPG


Page 20

Old Millclose Mine, Descent


pfb 21.JPG


Page 21

Topographical View of Mill Close Mine (Old)


pfb 22.JPG


Page 22

Turkey Dick Mine

The shaft marked as TD (Turkey Dick) is in all probability not the correct name for this

shaft as Turkey Dick mine is situated to the south east of the Old Millclose Mine

at SK 260 617. A probable descent of this shaft is recorded by Nellie Kirkham

in her article 'Old Millclose Lead Mine, Derbyshire'. PDMHS bulletin Vol. 2 Pt. 2.

pfb 23.JPG


Page 23

Wass's Engine House


pfb 24.JPG


Page 24

Old Millclose Mine, Wass's Shaft / Harveys Engine Shaft


pfb 25.JPG


Page 25

Old Millclose Mine, Wass's Shaft / Harveys Engine Shaft

pfb 26.JPG


Page 26

Descent of Mandale Deep Forefield Shaft


Cromford Sough, First Exploration

pfb 27.JPG


Page 27

Cromford Sough Exploration (Cont'd.)

pfb 28.JPG


Page 28

Cromford Sough,  Rough Sketch Plan


pfb 29.JPG


Page 29

Wapping Mine, Ball Eye Mine, Wapping & Cumberland Mines,

Meerbrook Sough Surface Shafts, Mandale Deep Forefield Shaft

Knotlow Mine & Water Icicle Close Mine

pfb 30.JPG


Page 30

Mandale Deep Forefield Shaft, Exploration


Shaft situated in field 176 in Over Hadden Parish at SK 1909 6637

A note on the 'Peak District Caving' site (2023) reports 'Shaft top

sealed and access refused by owner'.

pfb 31.JPG


Page 31

Mandale Deep Forefield Shaft


pfb 32.JPG


Page 32

Mandale Deep Forefield Shaft, Mandale Rake


pfb 33.JPG


Page 33

Hamnook Mine

Ecton Hill

pfb 34.JPG


Page 34

Hamnook Mine

pfb 35.JPG


Page 35

Placket  & Yatestoop Mine Depth Calculations?


pfb 36.JPG


Page 36
Winster Elton District Map



Page 37

Exploration In The Winster Area


Refers to 'Westhills Portaway Shaft' situated in field 212   NGR SK 23316 60436

A full exploration report and survey can be seen by clicking   Here 

pfb 37.JPG
pfb 38.JPG


Page 38

Exploration In The Winster Area (Cont'd.)


pfb 39.JPG


Page 39

Explanatory Sketch Of The Winch Configuration


pfb 40.JPG


Page 40

Winster 1st Exploration Shaft 270' Deep

Refers to 'Westhills Portaway Shaft' situated in field 212   NGR SK 23316 60436


pfb 41.JPG


Page 41

Winster 1st Exploration Shaft 270' Deep (Cont'd)

Refers to 'Westhills Portaway Shaft' situated in field 212   NGR SK 23316 60436

pfb 42.JPG


Page 42

Winster 1st Exploration Shaft 270' Deep (Cont'd)


Refers to 'Westhills Portaway Shaft' situated in field 212   NGR SK 23316 60436

pfb 43.JPG


Page 43

Notes on Mines & Soughs in the Elton Winster Area


pfb 44.JPG


Page 44

Notes on Mines & Soughs in the Elton & Winster Area (Cont'd)


pfb 45.JPG


Page 45

Plackett Mines Surface Plan

pfb 46.JPG


Page 46

Black Hole Mine, Eyam


pfb 47.JPG


Page 47

Viens In The Area Of Placket Mine, Winster


pfb 48.JPG


Page 48

1st Exploration Of Placket Mine, Winster

Plantation Shaft


Plantation Shaft is situated at NGR SK 23927 60858

pfb 49.JPG


Page 49

1st Exploration Of Placket Mine, Winster

Plantation Shaft  (Cont'd)

pfb 50.JPG


Page 50

Placket Mine Survey Data

pfb 51.JPG


Page 51

Placket Mine Survey Data  (Cont'd)

pfb 52.JPG


Page 52

Placket Mine Survey Data  (Cont'd)

pfb 53.JPG


Page 53

Placket Mine Survey Data  (Cont'd)

pfb 54.JPG


Page 54

Placket Mine Main Shaft & Sump Shaft


Placket Main Shaft is situated at NGR SK 23827 61067


Page 55

Placket Mine (Sump Shaft)

Descent Of Shaft On Raised Mound

pfb 55.JPG
pfb 56.JPG


Page 56

Winch Trips For Future Reference

Gang Mine, Hamnook Mine, Hubberdale Mine, Mandale Deep Forefield,

Wakebridge Mine, Millclose Watts Shaft, Portaway Mine, Stoop Mine,

Ecton Drawing Mine, Placket Mines & Buckdale Mine


pfb 57.JPG


Page 57

Fieldgrove Mine & Wyatts Shaft


Wyatts Shaft (Wyatts Fieldgrove Mine, PDMHS Vol.6 No. 2) SK 16966 69493

pfb 59.JPG


Page 58

Wheel Shaft & Bacchus Pipe Founder Shaft

Wheel Shaft and the Bob Pit are located at SK 22808 64848

A full report and drawings of this site are available by clicking   Here 

pfb 60.JPG


Page 59

Bacchus Pipe Founder Shaft, Wakebridge,

Shinning Sough & Wheel Shaft

pfb 61.JPG


Page 60

Sections of Shining Sough


In the article 'Mines and Soughs of Alport, Derbyshire' by E. L. Hurt, there are

photographs that relate directly to the sections illustrated below.   See Here 

pfb 62.JPG

Logbook Ends


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