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The Pegasus Club Nottingham

Pubs, AGM's & Dinners

The Weekend Started On A Thursday

In the early days the Pegasus Club ‘weekend’ did start on a Thursday.

It was important to make an effort to go to the Thursday Meet as this was possibly the only way to find out what the weekend plans were. You packed your gear on Thursday too to get ready for the off as soon as work finished on the Friday. Furthermore members went out for a whole weekend returning home on Sunday. 

It must be remembered that in the early days of the 1960’s and 1970’s there were no mobile phones. Indeed very few people had phones in their homes. Phoning a member at the work place was generally frowned upon and messages left rarely reached the intended person. There was no social media either.

The Thursday Meet was always held in a designated pub near to the Nottingham City centre or on a good bus route or within walking distance of a bus route. Venues changed over the years of course and there have been many.

The drinking on a Thursday was of secondary consideration as members needed most of their money for the club caving and climbing activities. It was always a pleasant and interesting meet trying to finesse lifts from those lucky enough to have their own transport. If no transport was offered then buses and ‘the rule of thumb’ were used. Most people got quite adept at using a combination of buses and hitch hiking in order to arrive on a Friday night at the arranged venue. Hitch hiking was common then.

When the Pegasus Club met in “The Royal Children” fondly known as “The Kids”, the climbers would liaise with the Nottingham Climbing Club that conveniently held their meeting next door at Ye Old Salutation Inn. Thereby acquiring lifts with them on a Friday evening if they were going to the same area.

The Pegasus Club did eventually move to the Salutation with the Nottingham Climbers Club until both were barred after a very embarrassing incident for the Landlord. 

Good quality "Real Ale" was essential and this was probably one of the main reasons for changing pubs.

Barbara Wright

The Pubs

The 1950's


Generous Briton cut.jpg
The Generous Britain

94, Alfreton Road Nottingham

The Inaugural Meeting of the Pegasus Club Nottingham took place here in 1953.    (Click here to see article)

Newcastle Arms.JPG
The Newcastle Arms

282 Nuthall Rd, Nottingham

The caving section of the Pegasus Club Nottingham used the cellar here as a tackle store.

The 1960's

Capture 1.JPG
The Royal Children

50A Castle Gate, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

Known as 'The Kids' by The Pegasus Club, this was the venue for Thursday & Sunday nights for most of the 1960's

Capture 2.JPG
Ye Olde Salutation Inn

Hounds Gate, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

Anyone who knows the Salutation Inn would be aware of the extensive ancient  cellars cut into the Bunter sandstone that Nottingham is built on. After a few weeks of meeting in the "Sal" we, along with the Nottingham Climbers Club were offered the use of these cellars as a meeting venue. You could either carry your pint down or, as a few of us did, buy a half gallon jug to save making too many journeys back up to the bar. 

The back door to the pub is shown on the above photograph and this gave access to a short corridor.  On the right hand side was a door into the old bar, staight on was the newer part of the pub and the cellar door was on the left.

On the last night of being welcome at the Salutation, myself and Paul were busy talking and drinking what was probably our second or third half gallon, when we realised that everyone else had gone. A quick check revealed that it was well past closing time.

On opening the door from the cellar into the corridor we were met with darkness and the back door bolted and locked. So had the landlord locked up and gone to bed?

Standing in the darkness and considering our options, we heard a crackly sound coming from inside the old bar which resembled a message you would have heard on Z cars, "Z Victor one to BD". We soon realised that this made our situation a lot worse but had no choice but to reveal ourselves to whoever was in the old bar. Opening the door and peering into the gloom we could see that the whole  bar was jam-packed full of drinking uniforms.

The landlord took one look at us and went totally berserk, opening the back door, chucking us out into the street and barring us all from ever entering the Salutation Inn again. Thinking back over the years I do not recall ever going back; I wonder if the ban is still in place?

Cheg Chester

The 1970's

Capture 3.JPG
The Dolphin Inn

North Church Street, Nottingham.

Photo courtesy of The Dolphin Morris Men.

Demolished in 1971 and replaced by a new pub called 'Byrons' which closed in 1990 and was demolished in 2002.


Capture 4.JPG
Spread Eagle Hotel

Goldsmith Street, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

This was the 'Spread Eagle Hotel' in the 1970's when the club  met there. It changed its name to 'Fagins' in 1984, 'Goldsmith Pitcher' in 1994, then 'Speak Easy' & Finally 'Horn in Hand' as the above photo shows. (Maybe they changed the name because it was frequented by tossers)


Capture 5.JPG
Forest Tavern

257, Mansfield Road, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

This is now two venues in one, the Forest Tavern on Mansfield Road is the bar open to the general public. At the back is the Maze, a music venue which has its own bar.

Capture 6.JPG
Hand & Heart

65-67 Derby Rd, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

Parts of this pub consists of man made caves dug out of the Bunter sandstone.

Rose & Crown Alan Winfield.jpg
Rose & Crown

55, Alfreton Road, Nottingham

Photograph © by kind permission of Alan Winfield

The Landlord of The Rose & Crown, Cliff Arme, all twenty plus stone of him, and his wife Elsie, severn stone maybe, were good friends of the Pegasus.

One Thursday night in the late sixty 's a group of maybe six or Severn members were in a drinks round. One of the people was a member but had moved up to live and work in Aberdeen maybe two years earlier.

The round had almost completed and closing time was drawing near when the person from the North went to the bar and ordered himself a pint. Paying for the pint he handed over a five pound note and was surprised to see that his change was just a few pence. 

Pointing out to Cliff the landlord that he had given him a fiver in exchange for a single pint, the following explanation was given. 

"I have noticed that you have been bought a pint by all of my friends over there and that it is surely your round. So I have taken the liberty of buying them all a drink out of your fiver". A friend indeed!

The 80's Onwards

Wheatsheaf Inn Alan Winfield.jpg
Wheatsheaf Inn

72, Ilkeston Road, Nottingham

Photograph © by kind permission of Alan Winfield

The Wheatsheaf Inn closed August 2007 and is now a 'Boots the chemist'  formally 'Burrows Close Pharmacy' (2017)

Royal George Alan Winfield.jpg
Royal George

6 Ilkeston Road, Canning Circus, Nottingham

Photograph © by kind permission of Alan Winfield

The 'Royal George' opened in 1972, was renamed 'Junktion 7' in 2002 then closed in 2008. It then reopened as 'Seven' in 2008 and finally closed 2011. Site re-developed for student accomodation.

Capture 7.JPG
The Peacock

11, Mansfield Road, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

The Pegasus Club met here when closing time went from 10:30pm to 11:00pm some time in the 1980's. This had the effect that most people arrived half an hour later than usual.

Capture 8.JPG
The Yorker

36, Mansfield Road, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

Up until 1967 it was the 'Rose of England', and then it was 'The Yorker' until 1993. It later changed to the  'City Alehouse' the 'Filly & Firkin' and then back to the 'Rose of England'.

Capture 9.JPG
Lincolnshire Poacher

161-163, Mansfield Road, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

Capture 10.JPG
Golden Fleece

105, Mansfield Road, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

Capture 11.JPG
The Navigation

6, Wilford Street, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

Capture 12.JPG
The Queens Hotel

Corner of Arkwright Street & Sheriffs Way, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

Capture 13.JPG
Tom Hoskins
The Vat And Fiddle

12, Queens Bridge Road, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

Originally 'The Grove Tavern', followed by the 'Miami Bar', Ziggy's, 'The Grove Tavern' again, then 'Tom Hoskins' and finally 'The Vat And Fiddle'. The Club, along with the Notts Climbers were attracted to 'Tom Hoskins' as the beer was excellent and only 99 pence a pint. We stopped using the pub when it had to close, along with all Hoskin's pubs due to a problem at the brewery. I remember ordering a pint of bitter just as the barrel finished. When the new barrel was tapped it was undrinkable so another was tapped and that was the same! It remained closed for some time and was eventually bought by Tyne Mill and re-opened as 'The Vat And Fiddle'. Good beer brought us back here and became the meeting place for well into the new millennium. 

Capture 14.JPG
Bunkers Hill

36 - 38, Hockley, City centre, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough

Capture 15.JPG
Horse & Groom

462, Radford Road, Basford, Nottingham

Photograph, Dave Gough


Compiled by Dave Gough with additions by Cheg Chester.


Alan Winfield who kindly gave permission to reproduce some of his photographs on this page has a blog called 'The Never Ending Pub Crawl' which should appeal to Pegasus Club member old & new.

Annual AGM's Venues

1969        Spread Eagle.

1970        Dolphin Inn.

1971        Spread Eagle.

1972        Forest Tavern.

1973        Three Stags Heads, Wardlow.


1975        Three Stags Heads, Wardlow.

1976        Three Stags Heads, Wardlow.

1977        Three Stags Heads, Wardlow.

1978        Three Stags Heads, Wardlow.





1983        Derbyshire Somewhere?

1984        Devonshire Arms, Peak Forest.

1985        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1986        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1987        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1988        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1989        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1990        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1991        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1992        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1993        The Newcastle Arms.

1994        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1995        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1996        The Hut, Peak Forest.

1997        The Limelight Bar.

1998        The Vat & Fiddle.

1999        The Vat & Fiddle.

2000        The Vat & Fiddle.

2001        The Vat & Fiddle.

2002        The Vat & Fiddle.

2003        Magpie Cottage, Sheldon.

2004        Magpie Cottage, Sheldon.

2005        Magpie Cottage, Sheldon.

2006        Ingleton

2007        The Hollybush, Grangemill.


2009        Magpie Cottage, Sheldon.


2011        Magpie Cottage, Sheldon.

2012        The Vat & Fiddle.


2014        The Hollybush, Grangemill.

2015        The Vat & Fiddle.

2016        Magpie Cottage, Sheldon.

2017        Magpie Cottage, Sheldon.

2018        Magpie Cottage, Sheldon.

2019        The Plough Inn, Nottingham.

2020        Covid

2021        The Plough Inn, Nottingham.

2022        The Plough Inn, Nottingham.

2023        The Plough Inn, Nottingham.


1970        Devonshire Arms, Peak Forest?


1972        Midland Hotel, Peak Dale.


1974        Wanted Inn, Sparrowpit.

1975        Palace Hotel, Buxton.

1976        Bennetston Hall, Sparrowpit.

1977        Bennetston Hall, Sparrowpit.

1978        Three Stags Cafe, Wardlow Mires.

1979        Palace Hotel, Buxton.


1981        Fishponds Hotel, Matlock.


1983        Marquis of Granby, Bamford.

1984        The Bull I'th' Thorn Inn, Hurdlow.

1985        Railway Hotel,


1987        Haddon Hall Hotel,

1988        Haddon Hall Hotel,

1989        Haddon Hall Hotel,



1992        The Commodore, Nottingham.










2002        Horse & Groom, Basford.










2012        Horse & Groom, Basford.

Annual Dinner Venues

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