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Rest Easy

Go easy, my friend.
Let the ties be loosed, the skein unwound.
Our memories we'll take forward with us to the future.
Not leave them with you,
Or let them fade with time,
Shrivel or shrink to dust.

We traveled far together, my friend.

We covered many miles.
To heights and depths of this old earth we went.

From white and silent lands of ice,

To heat and noise and sun.

We tramped for many hours, my friend.

Through bare-leafed forests in the winter cold.

And ancient cities during autumn chill.

Many steps we climbed, twisting upwards and still up again.
To views we never could forget.

We did so much, my friend.

But not enough,
Not enough meals together taken,
Nor words exchanged.
There are so many words still left,

You were so loyal, my friend.
The gaps between our meetings,
Were not important.
We started again where we had finished.
A seamless blend of understanding and love.

Now let it go, my friend.
The book is almost written,
The score is almost played.
But thanks for friendship, loyalty and trust.
Thanks too for comradeship, in dangers faced together,
In experiences shared.
Thank you - for friendship,
The greatest gift of all.


Janet Parker

Written by Janet Parker for her Husband Barrie, in memory of his best friend Etienne Lemaire. 2005


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